Center for Cura Personalis

The Center for Cura Personalis (CCP) has divided into two departments. The Center for Cura Personalis and the Office of Health Promotion. 

What used to be one department for fostering student health has now become two departments: the Center for Cura Personalis and the Office of Health Promotion. 

The Center for Cura Personalis was divided and relocated to the heart of campus on Jan. 4. The structural change is intended to serve students better and promote collaboration with campus partners. 

“The biggest differences from a student perspective is who we are focused on serving,” said Jenna Parisi, the new director for the Office of Health Promotion. 

“The Center for Cura Personalis is focused on students of concern or maybe students that need some additional support; and they meet with students one on one. What we do is have responsibility for promoting health campus wide.”

Students can now find CCP and the Office of Health Promotion on the second floor of Crosby. The change allows both departments to be more accessible to students and interact with campus partners including housing and residence life, academic advising and assistance, disability access and student accounts. 

Nicola Manneter, the new director of Center for Cura Personalis, said many students were aware of the case management work that Cura Personalis does but very few were aware of the work Parisi and her educators do around campus. 

CCP works with 10-15 percent of the student population through case management. The goal of the Office of Health Promotion is to reach the entire student body.

The idea is with new identities, each department is able to better highlight and acknowledge the work being done. 

This recent separation is nothing new for GU. Five years ago, there was an office similar to The Office of Health Promotion when case management was just getting started. 

“I think we were originally brought together because some of the topics that we cover are so similar, but I think that over the past four or five years we’ve found that in some ways, it was like trying to fit a round peg into a square hole” said Mannetter.

Cara Konowalchuk is a staff writer. 

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