With classes, clubs and other costly commitments, some Zags find themselves pinching pennies and looking for work. 

GU seniors Nick McClain and Zach Duffy developed a new company by the name of OddJobbers, which is a platform used to connect college students with local residents to complete any oddtask a customer is in need of. These jobs can range from anything like moving furniture or shoveling snow, to more skilled labor such as tutoring or graphic design. 

“We both got back from studying abroad our junior year and found there were not many ways to make money,” McClain, the main founder, said. “I knew that was a problem a lot of students experienced.”

Those in need of a service post their job online where students from a local university can view the post. From there, students who are interested can contact the person. 

“I think people really have an affinity toward helping college students out which is really nice, so leveraging that relationship between colleges and their towns is going to be huge,” Duffy said.  

Once the task is completed, customers pay electronically. Students can sign up for certain jobs monthly, weekly or just once; so any job can fit right into their schedule. 

“I’m sure a lot of kids grew up like me just doing things around the house so we thought it would be a good way to put those two groups of people together and give them a way to benefit each other,” McClain said. 

With OddJobbers, there is no sign up fee, no extensive background check and no longterm commitment. Similar sites like Rover or Care.com require an upfront payment and take time to process a background check. The only requirement to be an OddJobber is a transcript from your university. 

“That is important to us because we want no barriers or students and on the customer side, other platforms dictate how much those providers will work for or they’ll make [students] compete against each other so they’ll set their own rates,” McClain said.

Customers set their prices on OddJobber so there is no competition among students for jobs. 

With the company just about a year old, there have already been numerous success stories from students who have used this platform to get work. 

After consistently working for a local community member, Duffy later found out he had been working for a chief operating officer of a civil engineering firm. 

“Our vision is to move into more professional jobs for students. We want students to use their major to help local businesses with [things like] social media management or financial modeling,” Duffy said. 

Students can sign up to be an OddJobber or submit a posting for a job at www.oddjobbers.org. Jobs in Spokane typically range from $15 to $20 an hour.  

Alexis West is a contributor.

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