Iggy's Marketplace will offer sandwiches and market goods.

As an institution of great renown or even infamy, it’s no mystery that students will notice ZagDining’s iconic Marketplace location was transformed into something different this year. “Iggy’s Market” is the novel rebrand of the archetypal stop-n-shop located in the John J. Hemmingson Center. Despite a new appearance and name, students will still be able to enjoy the conveniences of the “Marketplace” in addition to new opportunities.

Deriving a moniker from a former ZagDining Pizza location, Iggy’s Market will offer a similar range of products from before the rebrand. GU students can purchase a variety of snacks, cold beverages, small health and wellness items in addition to fresh ready-to-eat “grab’n’go” options available in locations around campus. 

“Students should be very excited about Iggy’s Market,” said Nathan Child, general manager for ZagDining. “We have worked to create a 'one-stop-shop' where students can grab a sandwich, soup, salad bar, sushi, drinks, snacks and more all at the same location.”

At Iggy’s, fresh fruit and small grocery items such as peanut butter accompany toothpaste and pharmaceuticals for students who suffer from allergies. But as this shake up to the Hemmingson Center has gone underway, astute observers will notice a missing piece; Handcrafted, an artisan sandwich vendor, was replaced by Qdoba.

Luckily, Iggy’s has something to offer the loyal supporters of Handcrafted following its recent removal from the location behind Starbucks. Iggy’s boasts sandwiches consisting of the same core menu as Handcrafted, as well as freshly made to-go sandwiches for students on the run.

“The only difference students will notice is the name and the location,” said Amanda Olsen, supervisor at Iggy’s. “It’s the same menu, and the salad bar will also be available at Iggy’s, just like it was previously.”

Sodexo and ZagDining also have long-term plans for development. Implementation of self-checkout, robotic delivery and in-app ordering are just a few possibilities ZagDining has in store for Iggy’s.

“We will be working this semester on bringing self-service checkout stations to Iggy’s to integrate technology and increase speed of service at checkout," Child said. “Through the Everyday app students will be able to mobile order items for pickup as well as order items for Kiwi Bot delivery.”

ZagDining was fortunate to experience a smooth process in bringing its vision of Iggy’s to life. Completed in a single summer, the rebrand required minor special adjustments completed by various university and independent crews in and around the Hemmingson Center.

“The construction team did an amazing job over the summer of keeping the project on pace for the timeline,” Child said. “It has been a very smooth transition. We are constantly engaged in continuously improving the experience inside Iggy’s.”

Going forward, students can expect more from their regular dining and shopping experiences at GU — with more smiles, choices and sandwiches.

Anders Svenningsen is the opinion editor. Follow him on Twitter: @torvauld.

Opinion Editor

Anders Svenningsen is a junior from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. This is his first semester of being an opinion editor after serving as a staff writer the past four semesters.