Senior Gonzaga student Bryce Makela has created his own podcast “Inside Voices” from home to create an opportunity for Gonzaga seniors and the GU community to reconnect and cope with the shortened semester.

With the free time that has been added to Makela’s plate, he hoped to dedicate his time to a creative outlet. He chose to start his own podcast as a combination of his creative music and audio editing skills.  Not only does Makela interview podcast guests and edit audio for each show, he also writes the music in the background of each podcast episode.

With the collection of stories told through “Inside Voices,” Makela envisions the podcast to be a source for Zags to recollect their current experience in the future.

“I’m hoping to kind of create a time capsule to listen back on,” Makela said during a Zoom interview. 

Makela aims to interview and document stories from both close friends and a wider range of senior students. He hopes to eventually incorporate perspective from professors. Makela said talking with podcast guests has helped to reconnect friendships distanced due to COVID-19.

“I just get to have an intentional conversation with people,” Makela said. “It’s what we got to kind of catch up and say 'hi' and say 'bye' and laugh which is really nice.”

Makela said that he was inspired by his brother Nathan Makela who had his own podcast while in college. Before Bryce began the process of creating “Inside Voices” he pitched the idea to his brother over a phone call. Nathan said there was no doubt in his mind that his brother was about to create something special.

“I'm so proud of him for thinking about something like this in the first place,” said Nathan in an email. “Just to have the idea was special. Then to make it a reality. Bryce is really good at turning his ideas into tangible things and bringing people together in the process.”

Bryce plans to continue creating “Inside Voices” content through the end of May for students beyond primarily GU seniors.

“I think it’s really cool for underclassmen to listen in too because it’s their fellow seniors and it’s their stories that really make GU special,” he said.

“Inside Voices” was not solely created for GU seniors. It is a source for the GU community and even those beyond GU to connect and relate to one another during this time of madness. 

“Things are hard right now, but the podcast is helping people slow down a little," Nathan said. "That's a blessing. More than anything, I think it's healing. People need to talk right now. People need to feel like they are in this together.” 

“Inside Voices” episodes are uploaded weekly on Friday. Tune in through Spotify and Apple Podcasts for upcoming content. 

Natalie Rieth is a staff writer.

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