Cardinal Bea House

An investigation found Cardinal Bea House on Gonzaga's campus was a retirement home for at least 20 Jesuit priests accused of sexual misconduct.  

An investigation has found that for more than 30 years Cardinal Bea House, a Jesuit residence located on Gonzaga University's campus, served as a retirement repository for at least 20 Jesuit priests who were accused of sexual misconduct.

The story, published by The Northwest News Network and The Center for Investigative Reporting, details the records of sexual misconduct by priests, mainly in Native Alaskan villages, who were relocated to GU to serve out their retirement. 

“Once the abusive priests reached retirement age, the Jesuits moved them to Cardinal Bea House on Gonzaga’s campus or another Jesuit residence, to comfortably spend the rest of their lives in relative peace and safety,” the investigation found.

The Spokane Police Department said in the report that it received no reports from the Jesuit order or the university regarding the allegations against the residents of Cardinal Bea House. 

One case reported in the investigation showed through depositions that both the police department and the university were unaware that Cardinal Bea House was housing these priests. 

“Non-abusing Jesuits also lived at Cardinal Bea House, but there were specific ‘safety plans’ for abusers that banned sexually abusive priests from commingling with students,” the investigation found. 

Reporters also discovered that while there are no reports of the abuse of GU students, the restrictions put on these priests were not tightly enforced.

The investigation also found Fr. Frank Case, the vice president for mission, a member of the president's cabinet and chaplain for the men’s basketball team, recommended one of the accused Jesuits for a position without looking at his personnel file.

University officials declined requests for interviews for the investigation.

Ten days ago, former Gonzaga Jesuits were named in a Jesuits West report on sexual abuse of minors.

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