Voting for GSBA begins Friday at 8 a.m. and will conclude Wednesday at 4:30 a.m. 

Charlotte Driscoll and Caitlin Bowers

Juniors Charlotte Driscoll and Caitlin Bowers are running together for the positions of GSBA president and vice president. They are running on a platform of communication, education and amplification.

Driscoll who is from Laguna Hills, California, was previously the photographer and videographer for GSBA, an ambassador and a member of Alpha Kappa Psi where she helped create and curently chairs the Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

“We’re really passionate about what GSBA can do for this campus because we’ve seen it firsthand,” said Driscoll. “It has the ability to really bring people together and really bring different voices to the table in creating events programming and reaching out to students on campus.”

If she wins, Driscoll intends to use her platform intentionally.

“We understand with elected positions there is an honor that carries a lot of weight, and so the change we want to see on campus is what we’re really passionate about,” she said.

Bowers has been in GSBA for three years, first as freshman class president, chief of staff, and Gonzaga-in-Florence student representative. She has also been active in Setons of GU where she was attorney general.

“I’ve met some of the most passionate people inside of GSBA, and as chief of staff my roll is to promote a positive work environment and create that culture and empower them to do their best work, and I think the role of vice president is a step up from that,” Bowers said.

“I imagine a tenacious office staff, and a tenacious senate could trickle into the lives of the school,” Bowers said.

The duos platform hopes to be one of support for students, in order to help students in their beliefs and ambitions, through their pillars.

They hope to improve GSBA’s communication.

“Communication is about taking it a step beyond transparency and realizing that posting our documents on websites and using certain social media isn’t enough,” said Driscoll. 

They hope to create events that all students can attend.

“Business students have classes at nights, veterans, returning adult students have classes at night so they can’t go to certain events,” Driscoll said. “We want to bring people into the conversation early enough so we can plan around them and invite them.”

They hope to push the GU community to be educated outside of the classroom.

For amplification they hope to listen to the student body and help the voices of students who usually aren’t heard be heard. They hope implement things like an anonymous comment section of the GSBA website and create a more inclusive space for international students.

Michael Tanaka and Maurie Harbick

Duo of Michael Tanaka and Maurie Harbick are running for next year’s GSBA president and vice president. Tanaka is a third-year international studies and political science double major, while Harbick is a third-year political science, English and economics triple major. The pair of juniors are running on a platform of accountability, courage and inclusion.

Tanaka, who is currently the GSBA Campus Inclusivity Coordinator, wants to run because of his experiences at GU. The Southern California native wants to improve the college experience for his peers.

“Being a minority here has been a challenge,” Tanaka said.

Tanaka who first got involved with cultural clubs such as Fillipino America Student Union and Asian American Union and diversity-based student services such as the BRIDGE program and UMEC.  

“We do equity work because we are called to do it, not because it’s our job to do it,” he said.

“Michael is someone I’ve looked up to,” said Harbick. “He has a lot of vision and ambition to make change.”

The two running mates have a close friendship.

Harbick, who hails from Oregon City, Oregon is currently the treasurer for GSBA.

“My Gonzaga experience has meant a lot to me,” Harbick said. “I’ve seen and listened to students that didn’t have the same experience as me.”

The first of the duo’s pillars is accountability, which hopes to hold both the administration and student body accountable. They pointed that the walkout that happened earlier this year as a sign that the students want more accountability.

The pair also believes in presenting a public State of the University speech, given by both themselves and President Thayne McCulloh, something that technically is already required of the president.

The second pillar, courage, is the idea that they want to push Gonzaga students to speak out and be different.

“At Gonzaga there’s this idea of one size fits all,” said Harbick. “There’s a lot of ignorance on how not all students aren’t welcome here.”

Tanaka cited events like courageous conversations and the #iCommit movement as events they’d like to encourage.

The heart of Tanaka and Harbick’s platform is the third pillar of inclusion. 

“Michael and I want to represent our full student body,” Harbick said. “We need to be intentional in how we serve our community.”

By fostering communication between GSBA, the administration and the student body, they hope to be in tune with what is happening on campus. The pair wants to serve as an extension of the student body rather than seperate.

Jabriel Andrade is a staff writer.

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