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The university will release a survey to measure the level of community involvement Gonzaga communities members participate in and how it impacts the community. 

“Gonzaga University is dedicated to the promotion of community involvement on our campus, and we are interested in your experiences and attitudes” said Dr. Judi Biggs Garbuio, the vice president of Student Development, and Dr. Elisabeth Mermann-Jozwiak, the interim academic vice president, in an email statement. 

Through the Center of Community Engagement (CCE), GU has a variety of community service and engagement programs. Popular ones include Gonzaga University Specialized Recreation (GUSR), Smile and Zag Study Buddies. CCE also offers short-term immersion programs like Mission: Possible. 

The web-based survey will evaluate the rate, frequency and depth of student activities in the community. This survey, known as the National Assessment of Service and Community Engagement (NASCE), will be open Nov. 13-24. 

The NASCE’s evaluations from the surveys will focus on nine areas of human need and assess student perceptions of, motivations for and obstacles to service. It also takes a look at institutional structures that impact participation, according to the Siena College Institute of Research the sponsor of the NASCE .

“This survey is a wonderful opportunity to assess how Gonzaga students serve the needs of the community, and to highlight the efforts and commitment of our students,” the email said. 

The survey takes approximately 15 minutes and the information will contribute to an understanding of community engagement at GU. This will determine what GU is doing well and could use improvement on. The information will also be used to get a better understanding of community engagement across higher education as a whole. 

“We will use the data to identify where we as an institution are doing well and where we can improve in order to build better students, a stronger university, and a more vibrant community,” the email said. 

The first 300 students to complete the survey will receive a free social justice mug with a CCE inspirational saying, information to receive the mug will be provided after the survey. Also, all participants will be entered into a drawing to win a Kindle Paperwhite.


Katie Kales is the head news editor. Follow her on Twitter @katiekales.

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