Q&A: Senior Benjamin Seckington reflects on key Gonzaga

Seckington said feeling unprepared is natural and can actually fuel you.

The Gonzaga Bulletin (GB): What has been one of your most memorable moments at Gonzaga?

Benjamin Seckington, history major: My most memorable experience was during my freshman year orientation when my Resident Assistant, JD Valle talked to us about the year. I was incredibly nervous coming into the year knowing that everything was new and outside of my comfort zone, but when JD talked to us he expressed the importance of trying everything and building a better relationship with ourselves. Since then, I think about that when I have to make big decisions.

GB: How have you made the most of your time here at GU?

BS: I have made the most of my time by doing what was best for me and realizing that my experience does not have to mirror anyone else’s. Through trying out clubs and activities and getting to know my friends I have prioritized things that will make me happy, and I think that has gotten me a lot further with a lot more enjoyment than trying to get involved in the same way everyone else is.

GB: What is one thing you wish someone would have told you during your first year?

BS: I wish someone would have told me that feeling unprepared is natural. A lot of people spoke about how Gonzaga prepared you and how if you want to succeed you can learn everything and prepare for every situation. While I know so much more than I did then, one thing I know is that I find comfort in the natural feeling of being unprepared. Not knowing which direction things will go has left me open to so many options and has let me not put too much pressure on myself to be the best at everything.

GB: What advice would you give to incoming first year students?

BS: For incoming first year students I would say something that has been said time and time again: “School goes fast.” Too fast in my opinion. There’s so much more I want to do with the people I’ve grown to love, and while I know that my experience has been enough and I'm proud of how I spent my time, I naturally wish I had more.

GB: How would you describe what makes GU special?

BS: Gonzaga is special because it brings out the value in everyone. GU has spaces for everyone to shine in what they do best and enjoy, and that confidence and success is so good for academic and personal cultivation.

GB: In what ways has GU left an impact on you?

BS: GU has left a massive impact on my life. More than GU itself, the impact comes from the friends, professors and all the moments I’ve experienced related to my last four years. This is a time in life where everyone is growing immensely, and having a diverse array of experiences is absolutely invaluable. I definitely would have had a life-changing experience anywhere I chose for the past four years, but I chose GU, and never regret doing so.

GB: What is your favorite spot on campus and why?

BS: My favorite spot on campus is wherever people see value in themselves. The most positive experiences of my GU years come from so many different spots on campus that I would rather categorize them as times when I have been with other people rather than a physical space.

Karlie Murphy is the copy editor.

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