The way in which gender and sexuality are portrayed in society are important indicators by which dialogue can be created. With personal stories and experiences, the authenticity of people who struggle with their place shines through, allowing for others to gain a new perspective on life.

Anis Gisele will be coming to Gonzaga University Tuesday, April 9th with the collaboration of UMEC and the Lincoln LGBTQ+ Resource Center. Gisele is a queer immigrant and a spoken word performer from Manila, Philippines who currently lives in Seattle.

Gisele is the Operations Coordinator for Ingersoll Gender Center. As one of the oldest organizations for transgender and other nonconforming gender communities in the United States the center was created under the mission of: “building community, connecting folks to resources and advocating for our communities in the Puget Sound region for over four decades.”

According to the biography described on the Everyday Feminism Facebook page, Gisele is a 2016 Everyday Feminism member, a 2016 VONA/Voices fellow, and a 2016 King Country Artist for Equity and Social Justice (poetry). Gisele uses her platform and experiences to advocate for the LGBTQ community and speak for those who feel cannot speak.

I am queer; I am of color; I am spinning, like a loose wheel, with this need to simultaneously lash out at the world and bring it in closer,” Gisele says in her piece on BGD entitled “My Body Is Not Your Pastime (Don’t Ogle, Comment On, or Attempt to Purchase It).”

“It should be pretty good,” LGBT program manager Matthew Barcus said. “I’m excited to have such a great speaker come to campus.”

Gisele will be speaking Tuesday, April 9th from 5:30-7 P.M. in the Hemmingson Auditorium.


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