Steve Heist, Safety Director, GLY Construction

BELLEVUE, Wash., Sept. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- GLY Construction, an employee-owned general contracting firm, has announced the appointment of seasoned industry safety expert Steve Heist as Safety Director.   

"Bringing Steve on this past January has augmented GLY's commitment to compliance, safety and wellbeing on and around our job sites," said Ted Herb, GLY President and CEO. "His experience in the field and at a regulatory agency is invaluable in living our values to be safe for our families, our teams and our communities; lead with integrity and accountability; and walk a path of continuous improvement."

Heist works with the vice president of operations overseeing safety operations for all commercial projects and jobs shared with GLY's partners. His work includes appropriately staffing all projects and making sure crew members are properly trained, certified and educated on procedures and precautions. His 11-member team includes site safety managers and safety coordinators, and administrative staff. He and his group analyze safety and operations data, identify leading and lagging indicators, and designing processes, policies and practices to reduce hazards and boost safety. Heist is also charged with maintaining regulatory and association connections.

This is Heist's second stint with GLY. He originally joined the firm in 1998 as a carpenter before moving into site safety. He left GLY in 2007 to join the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries as a safety and health technical specialist. Heist returned to the private sector in 2013, holding multiple operations and safety management and executive positions at Approach Management Services and Crawford Advantage Solutions Inc. He is an active member of the Governor's Safety and Health construction panel.

"Safety is a core value at GLY," Heist said. "Successful firms balance a safe work environment with client needs and project dynamics. As a former carpenter, I know firsthand the importance of safety and health on the jobsite and that makes me a passionate advocate at the decision-making level. I'm glad to re-join GLY to help drive its health and safety work forward."

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About GLY Construction
Founded in 1967, GLY Construction is one of the longest operating, locally owned general contractor and construction firms in the Pacific Northwest. We are known for adapting thoughtfully and purposefully; and building on a strong foundation of smart technology, integrated delivery, cost-management and responsible sustainability practices. Our projects span a wide range of markets, and our people have a diverse skill set to meet specific requirements of each type, including design, engineering, architecture, construction management and field technical capabilities. We are committed to health and safety, and offering every employee an equal opportunity to learn, grow and achieve their fullest potential. For more information, visit GLY online at

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