TEDx is returning to Spokane for its eighth year with a new lineup up of engaging speakers.  

On Oct. 26th, 14 speakers will take the stage at the Bing Crosby Theater in downtown Spokane. With talks from local artists, a teacher discussing pressing questions of teens in this generation and even a speaker as young as 18 years old, the range of speakers promises to engage students on a variety of topics, said Charlie Wolff, one of the organizers.  

“We cover a few topics that I believe [Gonzaga] students will find relevant to today’s socio-political scene including poverty, whistle-blowing, diet, internal bias, equality, violence and discrimination to name a few,” Wolff said in an email.

The event has had a good collaboration with GU in the past with a few rooted relationships. Student speaker Kinzie Farmer auditioned, was selected and gave a talk her senior year.

“I felt so luck to be apart of it,” said Farmer. “It was the coolest feeling to be there that day.” 

Farmer heard about the opportunity through Twitter and decided to apply. After making it through the application and audition, she spent over 9 months preparing and perfecting her speech with a speaking coach. On the day of the event, Farmer was overwhelmed by the support she got from her GU community and amazed at the capacity of the Spokane community, she said.  

“The Spokane community is so unique,” said Farmer. “I was pretty moved that we are a part of this city that sometimes we forget about as students.” 

The parent board of TEDx, Northwest X Talks, works to foster this sense of community.  

Their mission statement states, “We come together to nurture the community and engage the curious spirit in all of us.” 

Aside from attending the event, Farmer encourages students to even apply to give a talk in the future. Farmer’s talk focused on how she faced fear as she returned from something not unheard of in the lives of GU students: Study abroad.  

“If you have an idea to share, it’s a great platform,” said Farmer.  

The organization isn’t interested in selling ad space or sharing political agendas, according to their website, but just the sharing of ideas.  

“We believe that sharing ideas can change attitudes, lives and ultimately our world,” said Jamie Tender, a founder and licensee of TEDxSpokane on their website.  

This year TEDx is offering a discount of 50% to GU students that can be used at checkout on their website. The code is MILSTUD2019.  

If students hope to attend, they should buy tickets soon as the 2016 event was sold out with over 400 attendees, said Tender on their website. As a former GU student and member of the Spokane community, Farmer strongly encourages students to attend the event.  

“It’s just a cool place to learn,” she said. “You really don’t know what the talks are going to be about until you go.” 

Thea Skokan is a staff writer. 

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