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Registered voters in Washington have until 8 p.m. on Tuesday to submit their ballot to a drop box.

Washington State election day is just around the corner, and multiple Spokane City Council positions are up for election Nov. 2. 

The City of Spokane is divided into three council districts, each of which elects two Spokane City Council representatives. Of the six current Spokane City seats, local candidates are running for three seats in the upcoming election.

In district one, two local candidates, Jonathan Bingle and Naghmana Sherazi, are running for the second Spokane City Council position.

According to the Washington state general election voter guide, Bingle’s personal statement said he intends to find solutions to the homelessness crisis, creating a more business friendly environment and finding solutions to alleviate the housing crisis. 

“We need a Council that will foster a more business friendly environment to attract jobs and investment into our region, bringing more opportunity for all,” Bingle said in his personal statement. 

As a candidate, Sherazi focuses on how Northeast Spokane needs a representative that will advocate for COVID-19 relief and recovery, find a solution to the housing crisis and aims to advocate for an increase in job opportunities within the city of Spokane, Sherazi's personal statement said. 

“She brings with her connections to Spokane labor, immigrant, business and faith communities, and will prioritize issues that help working families like yours,” Sherazi's personal statement said. 


District two city council member Betsy Wilkerson is running unopposed for reelection in district two. According to the city of Spokane website, Wilkerson is the second Black woman to be elected and serve as a council member in the 147 year history of the Spokane City Council. 

“Council Member Wilkerson believes in supporting public education and institutions like community centers, nonprofits and local business associations because she believes that community is where we find our strength,” the city of Spokane website said.  

Candidates Zack Zaponne and Mike Lish are running for the second Spokane City Council position for district three.

“I will prioritize public health and safety, improve mental health services, take action on housing and homelessness and rebuild our streets, parks and economy because everyone deserves a fair shot,” Zaponne said in his personal statement.  

Lish plans to focus on homelessness, housing, economic recovery from the pandemic and providing law enforcement with proper resources.

“I will work to bring all partners to the table to find real solutions to the homelessness crisis while giving our law enforcement officers the resources they need to make Spokane safe for everyone. I will ensure local businesses and workers aren’t left behind in the COVID recovery,” Lish said.  

Registered voters in Washington have until 8 p.m. on Tuesday to submit their ballot to a drop box. The deadline to register online or by mail has passed, but people in-state can still register to vote before Tuesday by going to the Spokane County elections office on 1033 W. Gardner Ave.

For more information about the Spokane City Council elections visit:

Andrew Lof is a contributor. 

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