Last year 459 dancers raised more than $71,000 to help kids at Providence Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital at the annual Zagathon fundraiser.

With the program starting to organize the event for another run this year, the goals for its agenda continues to rise while the mission remains constant: it’s all about the kids.

The club began at Gonzaga in 2013. This year, the program has once again raised the stakes to get at least $80,000 in donations, with a constant participation of 800 dancers.

“What’s really big this year is [for students] they’re [staying] the whole time,” said Madelyn Hoban, Zagathon’s co-director. “It is 8 hours long, which is a lot for some people, but totally worth it because throughout the night you get to hear stories from miracle families that we support at Sacred Heart, and that’s really impactful for people that are there because they get to see where the money that they raise goes.”

Zagathon aims to have 800 dancers for the dance. To get the word out the program has also found new ways to advertise it.

“We tried to really focus on getting clubs involved,” said Abbey Rich, Zagathon’s co-morale chair. “We have been reaching out to a lot of the different clubs, we have been reaching out to professors and faculty just so we have more widespread support.”

The club’s concentration on helping kids going through treatment and giving them a good time remains unchanged.

“Our motto this year is it’s not about the money − it’s about the miracles,” Hoban said. “That was really big for our team to decide that because we feel like in years past there has been this big focus on how much money we are going to raise and like what that number is.”

The club wants students to realize the impact this event has for the families and to actively see how inspired the kids to feel about Zagathon.

“When you get there, you realize you are apart of something bigger than yourself,” Rich said. “You hear these stories of bravery that these kids and families have gone through and you just fall in love with cause.”

“For a lot of young kids [that come to the event] it’s the highlight of their year,” Hoban stated. “Just to see the joy in their faces when they get to dance with us is unexplainable.”

To register for Zagathon, go to the website, The dance will be held in the Hemmingson Ballroom on Saturday and will last from 4 p.m. to midnight. 

Paul Aiyar is a staff writer.

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