Thomas Hammer

Student Sophie Tolson found one of the Thomas Hammer promo cards hidden on campus.

Gonzaga has its own golden tickets hidden around campus, only this time they are orange.

Catalina Kluver, the manager of GU’s Thomas Hammer, hid orange coupons between the Jepson Center and the John J. Hemmingson Center on Feb. 2, for 20 lucky people to find and use at the campus coffee shop. The hide-and-seek coupon hunt includes 10 coupons for free drinks and 10 coupons for a dollar off any drink of choice. 

These orange coupons are hidden both inside campus buildings and outside around the campus grounds. The coupons hidden outside are in plastic bags to protect the coupons from the weather.

Kluver said she tried her best to balance where she hid the coupons, and though she only has access to certain buildings, she distributed them evenly throughout campus. If you are hunting for tickets, Kluver hinted to keep your eyes open around places where information is posted. 

While a few of the orange coupons have already been found, Kluver said all 20 have yet to be used at the Jepson coffee shop. Though the coupons have expiration dates printed on them, Kluver said she will accept any of the coupons even after they expire. 

Kluver said she created this hide-and-seek game to promote that Thomas Hammer is “here and open.” She hopes the hide-and-seek coupon hunt brings in new students and faculty members who did not know about the coffee shop.

“We have such a beautiful view as well as a lounge so it is a good place for people to do their homework or meet or hangout," Kluver said. "I hope it brings more people into the building.” 

Sophomore Sophie Tolson was one of the lucky few to find a free drink coupon in the College Hall basement. She saw the orange coupon pinned to a bulletin board on her way back from class. Tolson said she was excited when she heard about the Thomas Hammer hide-and-seek hunt.

“I love a good game,” Tolson said. “I’m always down for a free cup of coffee.” 

Tolson said she appreciates that Thomas Hammer is a local coffee shop with good coffee and nice employees. She is excited to participate in any future games that Thomas Hammer hosts.

Thomas Hammer also recently introduced its new Lotus energy drinks to the menu. 

Leah Quidachay, a sophomore at GU, is excited for the coupon hunt and hopes to win a free Lotus energy drink.

“My favorite coffee shop at home has Lotus drinks and that's what I would get every day,” Quidachay said. “Now it's like a taste of home.” 

Quidachay hopes to find a coupon in College Hall by scouring the bulletin boards on all four floors. 

The previous manager at Thomas Hammer worked together with Kluver to come up with creative ways to interact with GU students and faculty. As a GU alumna, Kluver said she was inspired by the close-knit community and wanted to ensure that Thomas Hammer stays connected to it. She is excited to become more involved with activities on campus and hopes to make Thomas Hammer the new café of choice for students who may not know of it.

Kluver plans on making the hide-and-seek game a recurring event around campus. She also hopes to design new games and create a possible scavenger hunt to bring more business in. 

Because of COVID-19, Thomas Hammer has been functioning on limited hours. Kluver hopes the hide-and-seek game will encourage more people to buy their coffee at the Jepson located shop.

Thomas Hammer Coffee Roasters is open from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Elise Jawed is a contributor.

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