Gonzaga offers many iconic food choices ranging from the cheeseburger Thursday, chicken fried steak Saturday and now one of the best classics yet, COG salmon on Wednesdays.

In recent months an Instagram page, “@cogsalmon”, has been gaining notoriety posting pictures of the famous salmon edited into funny images. At the core lies the overall support and love for COG salmon, praising the meal as one best in the dining hall.

On Wednesdays the COG offers Salmon at lunch time on the second floor and this last week I took the chance to grab myself a bite and review the meal. 

With this came the task of answering one of the most daunting questions of our current era: Is COG salmon worth the hype, or is it overrated?

At first glance the meal is presented very well, being served with broccoli and rice, creating a nice accent to the citrus salmon provided. It provides a good plethora of colors making the meal appear very appetizing. 

The portion size is also quite large giving you a solid piece of salmon that is not too thin or thick. The presentation is overdone in all honesty when considering the food is presented in a paper boat rather than a plate as previous years. 

The look is only one aspect, but the taste is what really matters. 

The first bite offers a wide variety of flavors. Providing you with the obvious taste of well-cooked salmon, where the fish just melts in your mouth. On top of that, the sauce they have on the salmon offers another bonus to your palette. 

The sweet sauce that is lathered on top when combined with the citrus of the salmon, creates a sweet and zesty contrast with every bite, and it is truly quite enjoyable. 

The seasoning of peppers and salt works well, the salmon is not too salty or over seasoned where the food gets progressively drier or is overpowered by a certain flavor. I also taste a garlic seasoning in the salmon and it works quite well with the sauce bringing out flavors. 

When the salmon is combined with the rice and steamed broccoli it’s like a party in your mouth, where each flavor collides in a happy sequence. 

The rice is good choice as it absorbs the flavor of the salmon and reinforces the existing, already amazing flavors. The broccoli is a nice side as well as it cleanses your palette and allows each bite to be unique. 

The salmon is arguably amazing overall, but I did notice some drawbacks.

First, is that the salmon could be cooked slightly longer because as it melts in your mouth, it melts possibly too much. This is personal, but I enjoy my salmon slightly firmer on the initial bite, not melting and falling off on the fork.

Another thing I noticed is that, the salmon is advertised as citrus salmon, but the sauce kind of nulls the citrus as a constant flavor. The citrus sparks in and out of each bite. This does not change the fact it tastes great, but it slightly deviates from the title. 

In conclusion COG salmon is a great choice for lunches on Wednesdays and I would recommend it to anyone if they have the chance to stop by and pick some up. 

My final overall rating is: 9/10, definitely worth the hype.

Hunter Hauser is a staff writer. 

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