To the class of 2022, 

I’m The Bulletin’s fall editor-in-chief and I’d like to tell you a bit about this paper. 

The Bulletin, founded in 1921, is student-led and student-written. 

Every Thursday, a new edition of The Bulletin hits stands across campus. You can find stacks of it on your way to class, the gym or even Duff’s for a breakfast burrito before your 8 a.m. 

We post our stories to We’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

This semester, we’re focusing on our iZag podcasts, “Zags on Three” which covers GU sports and “Watchdogs,” which discusses each week’s top stories. 

We write about what’s happening at Gonzaga and in Spokane. I want the paper to answer whatever questions you have, highlight people. events and programs you don’t know about and explain situations you might not understand. 

When something happens nationally, we ask how it’ll affect GU. When President Donald Trump announced his travel ban, we asked how many students wouldn’t be able to travel home.  

We have an experienced team of editors who have earned accolades and scholarships for their work. 

Our managing editor, Kendra Andrews, spent the summer at The Washington Post. 

News Editor Katie Kales was named a  finalist twice last year for regional awards from the Society of Professional Journalists. 

Altogether, The Bulletin and its staff were SPJ finalists or winners 13 times last year. Eight of those came from our outstanding photographers. 

Our writers come from all kinds of majors, experience levels and walks of life. You don’t have to be a journalism major or minor to be on staff. 

If you’re interested in joining our staff, 

stop by our office at College Hall 434. We have weekly staff meetings at 6 p.m. there every Monday. We’re looking for writers from all skill levels and fields of study. 

If there’s something you think we should cover, let us know with an email to

If you feel passionate about a topic we’ve written about, write us a letter to the editor (instructions are located on the left). 

If you are interested in journalism, The Bulletin is the perfect opportunity for experience. 

We have positions for writers, copy editors,  columnists, podcast hosts, videographers, cartoonists and  photographers. 

Our advisers are professionals with insightful notes and ideas and our alumni are  in newsrooms scattered across the country. 

Thanks for reading.

Joseph Thompson is the editor-in-chief. Follow him on Twitter: @JoeyJThomp.

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