You have seen it displayed all over Twitter. It is somewhat of a mystery. It is cute. It is cuddly. It is Baby Yoda. 

Personally, I dabble here and there with “Star Wars.” And by “dabble,” I mean, “freaking love it.” 

This past weekend, I finally saw the most recent “Star Wars” movie, “Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker.” Let me tell you, it did not disappoint, despite the fact there was no precious Baby Yoda on screen. 

When Disney+ launched, I was ecstatic to see the “Star Wars” series, “The Mandalorian” available. “Star Wars” fans everywhere prepared themselves to embark on a new journey of “Star Wars” excellency. During winter break, I excitedly awaited the release of each chapter of “The Mandalorian.”  

For those of you who don’t follow arguably the best cinematic creation of all time (“Star Wars,” obviously), Baby Yoda is not actually Yoda as a baby. However, it is a member of the same species as Yoda, which is unknown. Baby Yoda is refferred to as “the Child” throughout “The Mandalorian.” 

“The Mandalorian” takes place five years after the Empire falls in “Episode VI: Return of the Jedi,” which came out in 1983. Therefore, it is a storyline taking place 25 years before “Episode VII: The Force Awakens” which released in 2015. 

The “Star Wars” timeline can be confusing, but nonetheless, Baby Yoda is not actually baby Yoda. 

For meme purposes, however, I think calling it Baby Yoda is acceptable. Imagining my favorite character — due to his wisdom and ability to use The Force — as a little baby is quite adorable. It makes me love “Star Wars” even more. 

The meme has spread throughout social media, and images of Baby Yoda drinking coffee, Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper have resulted. Subsequently, Baby Yoda has also been edited to look like it is coughing, driving, being held in the arms of Kevin Hart and, even, opening Christmas presents while wearing a Santa Claus hat. 

Personally, my favorite meme creation of Baby Yoda is one where it is edited to be wearing AirPods, a Nike sweatshirt and sneakers. This meme kills me. Every. Single. Time. 

There are entire Twitter accounts dedicated to Baby Yoda, and they come up with clever captions to fit the adorable images of the character. 

Maybe you aren’t a “Star Wars” fan. Or, maybe, you have not watched “The Mandalorian.” That’s fine. But do not tell me you are not a fan of Baby Yoda. 

The captivation of Baby Yoda has become worldwide. 

It could be Baby Yoda’s big eyes, cute little nose, furriness or how it moves its ears and frowns when it’s sad. 

Baby Yoda is the perfect subject for meme-makers because no one can resist its cuddly features. 

More than that, Baby Yoda is also representative of wide ranges of people. I relate most to Baby Yoda when it sips its little cup of coffee with its cozy robes, or when it plays with buttons and mechanisms on the Mandalorian’s ship. 

Hopefully, the social media presence of Baby Yoda will lead to a larger range of “Star Wars” fans and introduce new people to the series.

So, while I understand that Baby Yoda isn’t actually a 50-year-old baby version of Yoda, I am just glad the rest of the world — including those not a fan of “Star Wars” — get to appreciate the little bundle of joy that is Baby Yoda.

Karlie Murphy is the opinion editor. 

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