I walked into the Broadway Indaba shop in the West Central Neighborhood back in November feeling down about finals, grad school applications and general stress about the world. I went up to the register and the woman who took my order immediately brightened my day when she asked me what I was passionate about. Not only did I leave with a great cup of coffee I also left ready and excited to take on the day.

Stamped onto every Indaba cup are the sentences “Love people. Love coffee.” This mantra is what makes Indaba the best coffee shop, both locally and in general.

The reason Indaba’s coffee (and chai) is the best comes down the meticulous detail and care that goes into every drink they make.

I always stand there in awe while the barista weighs out the coffee, makes the espresso and then tops it off with beautiful art on top — this care is consistent across all five locations. 

I wouldn’t say I’m an adventurous coffee drinker, I tend to stick to my usual latte and the occasional dirty chai, but I know great coffee from terrible coffee and Indaba’s coffee is great. I know that whenever I go, no matter the location I can count on a solid cup of joe that will keep me caffeinated for the day.

On top of great single serve coffee, they also sell their own custom blends that you can take home to enjoy. They also have a subscription service where you can get a bag of coffee mailed to you on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.

Now, let’s talk location. While none of their five locations are that close to campus, they are all within walking distance and located in some of my favorite parts of Spokane.

I think this is more of an advantage than a disadvantage. I firmly believe that breaking out of the Gonzaga bubble is essential during a student’s time at GU because they will never learn how amazing the city of Spokane is until they start to explore all the unique neighborhoods the city has to offer.

The five locations Indaba has are located in the West Central Neighborhood, Kendall Yards and downtown near Riverfront Park. All the locations are a great place to get a cup of coffee and then go for a walk along the Centennial Trail or through downtown Spokane. 

Another unique aspect to Indaba is how each location is one of a kind. Each one has something different to offer and its own unique aesthetic.

In Kendall Yards the Summit Pkwy location is in a shared space with the running store Fleet Feet Spokane while the Nettleton location is shared with the mini-donut shop Hello, Sugar. Downtown, the tiny Howard location is less than a block away from Riverfront Park and the larger Riverside location is an Instagram aesthetic dream and a great place to study. Then my personal favorite location, the Broadway location, is a homey, cozy shop that is perfect for meeting up with friends.

Indaba truly encapsulates the Spokane experience. You are always welcomed like you are family, and they care about you and your coffee more than you know. By buying the best coffee in Spokane you are also supporting one of the best small businesses in Spokane.

Indaba locations

West Central:

  • Broadway: 1425 W Broadway Ave.
  • Summit Pkwy: 1315 W Summit Pkwy.
  • Nettleton: 419 N Nettleton St.


  • Howard: 210 N. Howard St.
  • Riverside: 518 W. Riverside Ave.

Riley Utley is a copy editor. Follow her on Twitter: @rileyutley.


Major: Journalism I came to work at The Bulletin to gain valuable skills in reporting and editing to enhance my work as a journalist.

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