Chai as you might, but you will not find a better place to get a beverage than the Supreme Bean in Spokane.

I should preface this review by disclosing that I am not a coffee drinker. I’m more of a tea gal. The fact that the Supreme Bean goes to such great lengths to perfect its coffee-free beverages proves to me that it’s more than worthy of my love and admiration.

This little coffee stand is located at the intersection of Illinois Avenue and Hamilton Street, so you are always just a quick walk or an even quicker drive away from the drink of your dreams. The service is fast, and every time I have been there one of the baristas has struck up a conversation with me.

These conversations usually begin with the question, ‘What are you doing out and about today?’ It is bold of them to assume that I hopped in my Prius to do something else other than get a chai.

Nevertheless, I always enjoy the quick chats I have when I am there. I always leave the Supreme Bean in chai spirits.

As for the drinks, they speak for themselves. Allow me to take you on a spiritual journey of what it is like to drink one, so you can see it through my chais.

When I ordered my first-ever 12-ounce hot chai at the Supreme Bean, the barista immediately offered me three spice options: nutmeg, vanilla powder or pumpkin spice. What a loaded question.

To quote Michael Scott on Pretzel Day, I replied, “Is there any way that you could do ALL of them?” (Season 3, Episode 5, 10:00.)

The next thing I knew, my Prius was filled with the most enthralling aromas I have ever experienced, and when I took my first sip I knew I had found, quite literally, my cup of tea.

The trio of spices sat atop a silky smooth, perfectly blended chai latte. Each sip was sweet, spicy and milky paradise. The sugar was not abundant, the spices were not overwhelming and the drink was not too watery, making this beverage the chai-light of my life.

I am well aware that the Supreme Bean is not a coffee shop that you can hang out at to do homework or gossip with friends. It does not have that cozy aesthetic, nor does it have the cool vibes or the hip energy that a lot of college students prioritize when thinking about their favorite coffee places.

But beauty is in the chai of the beholder. When I go to the Supreme Bean, I see a lovely little chamber of wonders. 

I get the perfect chai latte every single time I pull up to the window and leave there feeling significantly better than I did when I arrived. And we are living in a time when even these little wins make a big difference.

Being there for just a tiny fraction of our day is exactly the pick-me-up many of us need right now.

To all of the warm beverage loving people reading this, I invite you to chai this place out. Give the Supreme Bean a chance.

Dagny Albano is a staff writer. Follow her on Twitter at @dagny_albano. 

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