What does my life look like after graduation next May? Heck if I know. 

I showed up on campus in August 2017 as an eager business major, Spanish minor, ready to take the world by storm. 

I was going to graduate, apply to law school, graduate law school, practice law, retire — maybe even get married and settle down a bit somewhere in between. 

I thought that over the course of my time at GU, that path would narrow even further. But, of course, the opposite happened. 

By October of my freshman year, I was a communication studies major and Spanish minor. By May of freshman year, I had added a solidarity and social justice (SOSJ) minor as well. 

Sophomore year, I decided to bump Spanish up to a major and add a women’s and gender studies minor to go with the SOSJ minor. Yep, a double major and a double minor. 

And even still, as I saw myself changing my plan little by little, my main plan never really changed. Graduate from GU, apply to law school, graduate law school, practice law, retire and maybe a couple of other things in the middle. That had always been my plan.

It’s still kind of my plan, but the more time I’ve spent at GU, the more I’ve realized my original plan isn’t the only path to a fulfilling life. I’ve been able to take classes I never imagined existed, and dip my toes into so many fields of study I now have an interest in (thank you GU Core classes, not everyone hates you).

Each year I’m here, my horizons expand. I discover one more thing I could see myself doing long-term in my future. 

My plan looks a little bit different now. Step one is the same: graduate from GU. Step two is a question mark that will probably mean I take a gap year and do work or service in some capacity, while I figure out how to take the LSAT and how to actually go to law school (if that even happens.) 

In short, I’ll tell you my preparedness for graduating and going into the real world seems to have lessened over my past three years at GU. Not because GU is doing anything wrong, but because it has allowed me to explore interests I had never considered prior. 

Is that a bad thing? I don’t think so. I think it would be much worse if I pursued a career I didn’t like just because that was always my plan and I didn’t know what else I could do. 

GU has provided me with opportunities that have shaken up my plan. So, I wouldn’t say that I’m exactly prepared for life after graduation — thank God, it’s still a year away — but I’m not unprepared either. 

Not feeling unprepared doesn’t equate to not feeling stressed, I might add. I definitely feel a significant amount of stress. At the same time, I’m thankful to attend an institution that has given me space to expand my options. 

The rupturing of my master plan is probably going to be a good thing when I look back at this phase in my life 10 years in the future. 

I have absolutely no clue what is in store for me come May 2021, and I’m not holding that against GU. I’m glad to have had my business major, Spanish minor, pre-law track take a drastic turn. 

I never would have imagined my freshman year that I would be writing for The Bulletin or Spires. I never would have imagined taking a gap year or even questioning the idea of law school. My love of written words probably would have dwindled with each day spent on Microsoft Excel or in accounting classes. 

I am thankful that over the course of the past three years, my plan has fallen apart, because I can see the ways I have grown and will continue to grow. 

Life after college is still a mystery, but I’m glad I don’t feel trapped in a life trajectory that might not be for me


Ginger Monroe is a staff writer.

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