It is truly the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas is a time where families get together and enjoy the company of one another, open gifts and reflect on the importance of being together, more so now than ever before.

One of the big traditions that comes with the Christmas season is getting and decorating a Christmas tree. Whether it be a Fraser, Douglas, Balsam Fir trees or Spruce or pine trees, the smell of a Christmas tree in the holidays is truly unmatched. 

When decorating the tree, it is a good time for families to bond with each other, figuring out the weight distribution of where heavy ornaments go vs lighter ornaments, who gets to put the top ornament on the top of the tree, among other great Christmas tree decorating traditions.

Things may look different this Christmas season with COVID-19 (you might have heard of it before) still lingering around like the Grinch stealing all the presents from the Whos of Whooville. 

Whether it be financially or physically not being able to or wanting to leave the house, families will have a difficult time trying to get Christmas trees this holiday season. With this, people may result in buying a fake Christmas tree as a way to expedite the process.

If you are reading, I strongly suggest that you still buy a real Christmas tree this holiday season.

Times are tough right now, physically, mentally, spiritually and everything in between. With those tough times, getting a real Christmas tree would at the very least imitate some form of a real Christmas season. 

For the sake of people’s mental health in particular, having a real Christmas tree in the living room would be massive for a healthy mental outlook just knowing that even though it’s not like normal, there is some form of normality with a real Christmas tree around the house.

Furthermore, is it really Christmas time with no Christmas tree? Why not make fake Christmas cookies and fake hot cocoa and make fake Christmas cards and give each other fake gifts? In times where things don’t seem real, we might as well bring some reality to our homes this Christmas season.

Even though it may not be the same as you are used to, there are still ways to decorate your tree with your friends. You can Zoom with your friends to decorate your tree with all your friends, still keeping the tradition alive.

By no means is it wrong to have a fake Christmas tree, pointing to the different financial situations people may be in and physically not being able to leave the house due to COVID-19. And who knows, there may not be as many people selling Christmas trees than past years. But if you are able, getting a real Christmas tree is the way to go this holiday season.

If you want to have anything close to a normal Christmas at home, getting a real Christmas tree is the way to go. With a real Christmas tree, the real Christmas spirit can stay in your home.

Vinny Saglimbeni is a sports editor. Follow him on Twitter: @vinnysaglimbeni.

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