Every Wednesday, stoked whispers of the highly anticipated COG salmon fill every nook and cranny of campus.

Accustomed to the typical college diet of Dominos delivery, alcohol and cold brew, our closest thing to five-star dining is COG salmon. So, why not embrace this beautiful movement? COG salmon is what gives us that mid-week motivation to keep on grinding.

Upon entering the COG, I typically expect to see a smorgasbord of boring beans at Zagriculture and mediocre meat at Spike’s. But on Wednesdays I am dazzled by the sight of stunning salmon fillets.

The line for COG salmon at World’s Fare overflows much like the streams it came from.

“My favorite thing about COG salmon is that you get to pass by all sorts of friends while snaking through the line, talking to them about their day and general stuff, and you’re all there for the same goal — just to get some delicious salmon for lunch,” sophomore Ben Seckington said.

After waiting in the social line for dank COG salmon, and having to repeatedly wipe drool from the corner of my mouth, I often times notice people giving my plate an up-down glance in my trek back downstairs.

At first I thought it was me they were checking out, but I’ve since realized it’s the salmon. I always shrug this off because it’s a common occurrence to be upstaged by COG salmon. It’s simply unbeatable.

The overflowing, twisted line for COG salmon unites salmon enthusiasts and fans from every group across campus. It’s not any one type of person who makes up the COG salmon fandom.

“What COG salmon brings to my life isn’t limited to the silky, savory delight that accompanies every bite. It brings consistency to my life, a sense of solace in stormy seasons,” sophomore Bryce Kreiser said.

The Gonzaga community’s intense passion for COG salmon lit up campus when the Instagram account 

@cogsalmon was created by a group of genius students (including myself). It began in November with a humorous video of students running for tent numbers with the caption “When there’s salmon at the COG.”

The account of pure comedic gold has accumulated 539 followers, an incredibly powerful ratio further proving the student body’s dedication to COG salmon.

The @cogsalmon Instagram account began as an experimental joke to see if people would jump on board and loved it as much as we did. Shortly after, an enthusiastic COG salmon movement spawned and student’s creativity was streamlined.

“Consistency is key. I love having salmon every Wednesday, especially when they give us a different sauce every week. COG salmon is truly versatile,” sophomore Ginger Monroe said.

Over winter break, I found it extremely difficult not having my consistent source of joy, so I shamefully downgraded to buying frozen salmon burgers from Safeway. It just made me sad. It wasn’t the same.

“Dude let me tell you … at Saturday brunch when they have the salads with COG salmon I go insane," freshman Alese Semingson said. "When you squeeze the lemon wedge on that fresh salmon, it freaking slaps. Me and my girlfriend shared one and then looked at each other and were like, ‘This doesn’t satisfy the urge; we’re going in for seconds.’ COG salmon sparks joy.” 

COG salmon plays such an integral role in many student’s university life. In fact, my roommate’s mom texts her every Wednesday at lunch asking her how the salmon was because she understands the deep love she has for it. 

COG salmon making it onto such an exclusive list is one of its many major accomplishments. This is just the beginning. In my far-from-humble opinion: friendship is temporary; COG salmon is forever.

Juliette Carey is a staff writer.

Juliette Carey is a staff writer.

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