Be honest... It’s hard not to hit the snooze button on the constant stream of reminders popping up on your phone and laptop. The type of calendar you decide to use can seriously impact the organization of your everyday routine, but it is a no-brainer as to which electronic calendar is superior.  

Google Calendar contains the most simple yet useful tools to help anyone stay on track and organized for their day-to-day routine. 

The clarity and accessibility of the Google Calendar is unparalleled. Usually I’m all for Apple products and their systems, but their calendar does not come close to that of Google’s. 

For example, name another online calendar that has six different layouts possible, gives you the ability to customize exactly which days your event comes up and if there are guests involved in the event…. Exactly you can’t because Google is ahead of its time. 

Google’s calendar allows you to make entirely different calendars for separate parts of your life which is convenient for anyone who really needs to separate their social and academic lives, or for parents that have to maintain their social lives and that of their kids.  

For any college student, this is the way to go because we’re all pretty busy and keeping track of each aspect of your life might be more overwhelming for the iCalendar or a physical planner than it is for you.  

You need to invest your time in a calendar that can keep up with you. 

Google makes it easy to have one calendar for your social outings, one for your course schedule, and the other for miscellaneous things that you can’t afford to forget.  

Most online calendars only display one layout at a time but with Google, there are options to organize your schedule daily, weekly, monthly and on the sidebar there is a monthly calendar that gives you two viewing options at the same time. 

This is neat because if you’re anything like me and constantly forget what day it is, or sometimes what month, it allows me to see everything play by play while still reminding me what month I’m in.  

Color coordinating is a huge game changer when it comes to staying organized for me, and the Google calendar keeps each event and calendar separated by color. 

Insanely satisfying. 

The way that Google has made something that is so easy to navigate and customize to fit each person’s organizational needs has proved itself to be very useful and is probably the reason that I meet most due dates. 

Apple’s calendar isn’t even scratching the surface of what Google has to offer, but I will say it is convenient for a couple of things. 

The Google Calendar offers a lot of options to accommodate a wide variety of organization techniques but with that being said, iCalendar’s basic tools might make it a better option for the not-so-tech-savvy people who don’t require as many accommodations to stay on top of things. 

All in all, Google has given zero reasons as to why its online calendar isn’t superior to the rest. And if you don’t believe me, go check it out and see for yourself.

Kayla Friedrich is a staff writer.

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