Disclaimer: I am not a Master Sommelier. I am, though, an admirer of wine culture and would like to share what I have learned with other wine connoisseurs.

Whether you enjoy red, white, rose or sparkling wine, I have opinions and recommendations for you. Since the start of COVID-19, I have taken it upon myself to learn more about the different notes, flavors, textures and feelings that accompany a number of wines and what goes along best with these details. Here are three of my findings, one for a red wine, one for a white or rose and finally, one for a champagne.

14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon (Red)

If I could choose any kind of red wine to enjoy on a given day, it would be this one. Not only are Cabernet Sauvignons typically smooth in texture, satin-like as it touches your tongue, they also have a deep sweetness that sinks into your tongue.

This is the best of both worlds. The wine has a slightly sour finish on the sides of your tongue and throat when you swallow it. For many this is an enjoyable feeling but, others may not like the almost stripped effect it leaves. This wine has notes of red cherry, creating the deep sweetness as well as some spice and coffee, contributing to the sour aftertaste it leaves.

While drinking this delightful red, I would recommend eating a charcuterie board. The mix of cheeses, jams, meats, bread and nuts accompanies the wine perfectly.

La Vielle Ferme 2019 (Rose)

I have only recently become a fan of Rose wines and this particular one is the reason why. This Rose offers a light sweetness as it touches your tongue and, similar to the Cabernet Sauvignon, ends with a bitter sourness in your throat. Although, for a different reason.

The sweetness is created by notes of cherry, not as dark red as the Cabernet, think of a lighter cherry, maybe a Rainier. The sourness is caused through notes of lemon.

This wine is very light and fruity, making it ideal if you are hoping for something more refreshing. This wine goes best with seafood, salad or pasta. Not a pasta with red sauce but one with white or light pesto or olive oil and butter with parmesan.

Lamarca (Champagne)

This is not your everyday, Mimosa champagne. Lamarca is on the lower price range yet, anything but cheap.

This sparkling wine is refreshingly classy, the mix of sweet, sour and fruitiness are equally balanced and this would be a great choice for anyone ready to “pop the bubbly” and celebrate.

I have found that this champagne goes well with many different foods but, I especially have enjoyed it with sweets. A sugar cookie, light cake such as angel food or vanilla I would particularly recommend.

While we all hunker down in our homes this winter for the holiday break, why not pop open a nice bottle of wine and pour yourself a glass to celebrate making it through the year. 

Marin Counter is a contributor. 

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