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GU needs to pay adjunct professors a livable wage, and seriously re-evaluate its priorities in paying the six figure salaries for head coaches who've received DUIs. 

Dueling Columns

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Train derailments in Ohio have exposed our disastrous commitment to efficiency, and an ineptitude in our bureaucratic systems. 

Some might say that artificial intelligence is the future, and this is for good reason. Progress will never be halted and never has been in the past of humankind. With the march of technology moving forward and the secret of how to make AI’s learn to write out in the world, it will never be …

Country music; the mainstream killing bane of some, but a heritage-defining boon for others. 

Rihanna is having a major moment — and we should all be there for it. 

A contentious debate has roiled the national social commentary — which coast takes the cake? West Coast wins in an unexpected way; weather and preparedness. 

HBO's The Last of Us is causing audiences to rethink video game adaptations to the silver screen. While they're traditionally a (oftentimes hilarious) disaster, HBO's approach to creating their series- and their choice of game to adapt- makes all the difference.