On Feb. 15 Gonzaga President Thayne McCulloch sent out an email to all undergraduate students regarding the university’s ambitions of returning to fully in-person instruction starting again in the fall. 

This is highly dependent on the health of all Zags so if things are looking promising, students could be back in the classroom in less than a year.  

When I read this email I couldn’t have been happier.  

I’m really happy that McCulloch sent this email at this point in the semester because I was beginning to wonder where the university was starting to go in terms of instruction in the future.  

Zoom university is absolutely killing me and if that’s not exactly the case for you, then I’m extremely jealous. 

Since the beginning of all of this online classroom business it’s been exceptionally challenging to get myself into a routine and stick with it, especially with the whole hybrid thing. 

I think giving the option to go in-person or online was just a terrible idea. Very practical for other students, no doubt but some days zooming into a class is just too good of a deal to pass up and that’s when my motivation just dwindles to nearly nothing. 

I can’t assume that all classes will be fully in-person right off the jump when Zags return in the fall but I am praying that all of the classes I sign up for will be strictly in person for the sake of my brain. 

I want to continue learning and it’s hard for me to retain information in the way that things are now and I know being able to sit in a classroom, take notes and engage in the class would make all the difference. 

Being that the pandemic will most likely still be going on, I think it is very sensible and understandable if some professors were to decide that they want their classes to be remote/ at limited capacity. 

Some people just aren’t ready for the amount of exposure that would happen if things were to be completely face-to-face and I get that. 

The in-person learning experience is something that I have really missed since March 2020, so if I get the chance to get that learning environment back I’m going to take complete advantage of it. 

You and I know all too well that GU isn’t cheap and even though they’ve done a great job on still giving everyone access to classes in fully remote or hybrid settings, it just isn’t the same level of education that I was getting before COVID-19.

This announcement that GU could be going back to in-person makes me feel a lot better about my tuition and the investment that I’m making in my education.  

There may still be classes that are hybrid or remote per the discretion of the professor who is in charge of the course, but the fact that GU is really focused on getting students back in the classroom as much as possible is a huge step in the right direction. 

Hopefully I’ll see you around next semester. 

Kayla Friedrich is a staff writer. Follow her on Twitter at @friedrich_kayla. 

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