Halloween is an exciting time for all ages. For younger children, it means getting the most candy you can, sitting on the kitchen floor and swapping  with your friends and siblings. Followed by stuffing your face with more candy than you are allowed to eat any other night of the year. 

It’s the neighborhood strategic scavenger hunt, deciding which house is most likely to give out the king-size candy and who is likely to give you a toothbrush. If this is what Halloween usually means for little kids, what will it mean this year? Is it possible for little kids, families and neighbors to stay safe while still having their usual Halloween fun? 

Jessica Meccelum who recently moved from Tennessee to Spokane with her family shared with me what she is planning to do for Halloween this year with her two children, both under 10 years old. 

“We are not going trick-or-treating, but we are going to have a Halloween party with family. We will try to make it as fun and memorable as possible for the kiddos,” said Meccelum via email. 

By doing this, Meccelum and her family are ensuring they keep themselves and their neighbors safe and comfortable this Halloween. 

Lisa Hirohata, a mom of two living in Shoreline, Washington, is usually big on holidays. Hirohata and her family host large gatherings on Christmas, Fourth of July and Halloween. They decorate their home with spooky spider webs and carved pumpkins line their steps and walkway. 

Hirohata is making sure to take all measures to keep her typical holiday spirit alive while staying safe. 

“I think kids should be able to go [trick-or-treating]. Some limits need to be in place such as mandated masks of course and touching less candy, gathering lots of hand sanitizer. I would take my kids to maybe 10 houses of people I know, not to let them roam the whole neighborhood,” Hirohata said via email. 

Although Halloween this year may not seem the same as past, there are still ways to keep everyone safe while participating in their regular Halloween activities.

Marin Counter is a contributor. 

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