Two weeks ago, we sat back and enjoyed time with friends and family. We ate, laughed, and told tales of the last year, remembering the good that got us through our trials. No one can deny that we had a good time and that a rest in the midst of a hectic year was required, but why hold onto the past when the next season is so much more exciting?

Thanksgiving is gone, now comes the real party.

The season of gratitude is nice and all, it centers around appreciation for the gifts of one’s life and, of course, one fantastic meal, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the Christmas season.

November is dreary, wet and grey, making Thanksgiving more so a necessity to get through Fall. While Christmas is a crowning jewel in a seasonal masterpiece, Autumn gets carried by pie, turkey and a four-day break.

Winter would be good without Christmas. There’s snow, winter sports, and warm hearty meals coupled by sweets and treats to make you forget the outside chill. Not only that but, instead of the classic Thanksgiving, “stay inside and watch football because it’s too dreary out,” Winter rings with cries of “Snowball fight!” and “Let’s go sledding!”

But remembering that Winter does hold Christmas in its frosty days, December steps up another level with a full-bodied cheer that swells in the chests of children and adults alike. Winter, not Fall, is “the Holiday Season,” because Thanksgiving doesn’t give more than a food coma and some family fun, while Christmas brings weeks of games, gift giving and good music.

Christmas time focuses on giving, family and fun. There are songs that speak to the joy of the season, attempting to capture the spark of magic that lights up a family on Christmas morning. The time is replete with smiles, laughter and Christmas spirit, a powerful force that can abate road rage or even make the grumpiest of grinches smile.

Now both holidays have their stressors, whether it’s cooking a 20 pound turkey or buying presents for family and friends. But when we strip away all the traditions, the messages are all that’s left and those are what you have to judge.

Thanksgiving is just that, gratitude for all we have, all we’ve been given. Christmas? Well that is a bigger ideal. It’s joy, giving, thankfulness, love and going beyond yourself to make others feel the goodness that we forget exists in the world.

When you’re down on your luck toward the end of the year and the holidays are coming, what’s going to pick you up? Being thankful for a year that may not have been easy, or a few weeks of songs unashamedly blasting the joys of snow, company with loved ones and gifts thoughtfully picked out for you by those who want to show care for you?

Now the Thanksgiving season is great, it places family and friends around a table to remember all the good of the year while enjoying good food. But how could it remotely compare to Christmas?

Christmas takes all the good aspects of Thanksgiving and turns up the dial on them. Loved ones are still enjoying meals together and the good parts of the year are being reminisced while new memories are being made. 

In short, there is no world where the Christmas season does not tower of that of Thanksgiving.

Dawson Neely is a staff writer. Follow him on Twitter at @DawsonNeely. 

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