I’m going to be honest and upfront. Joe Biden was not my first choice for the Democratic candidate, as I imagine he was not the first choice for many of us. I was a staunch Elizabeth Warren supporter through and through and was thrilled at the idea of having a strong, educated and sincere woman on the ballot. 

When it was clear she was no longer in the running, my enthusiasm to stay updated on the candidates fell, coupled with the realization that with each new week it was becoming apparent that Biden was likely going to be the nominee. While his official nomination only happened a few weeks ago during the Democratic National Convention, we’ve all sort of accepted that he was the Democratic nominee for months now.  

Apart from the pandemic and President Donald Trump’s antics, the media’s most coveted topic of conversation has been the race to find Biden’s running mate. Way back in the early stages of his campaign he made it clear that he would be choosing a woman to run beside him, giving him an edge over some of the other male competitors he faced early on, as well as Trump and the Republican Party.  

When Biden was unofficially the Democratic nominee, countless women threw their names in the hat to be his vice president. His list of choices was not only extensive, it was historic. His initial decision to choose a woman as his running mate was groundbreaking in and of itself, as only two women, Geraldine Ferraro and Sarah Palin, have ever been on the ballot. 

Sen. Kamala Harris, a California Democrat, felt like an obvious choice from the get-go. Many news outlets and political analysts thought she was the “safe” choice as she ticked a lot of boxes for Biden and his campaign. 

As underwhelmed as I initially was with her nomination, there is no denying Sen. Harris is a powerhouse of a woman. While she may have wavered on her political agenda and beliefs during her campaign and debates, she has been steadfast on what she stands for and against throughout her impressive career. 

Her career as a prosecutor has given her the experience and skills needed to go head-to-head in a political debate. She’s known for her cunning and ruthless attacks on her opponents, and her poignant interrogation of then Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh showed both the Democratic and the Republican parties that she is not to be underestimated.  

While I relish the idea of having such an impressive woman in the White House, some aspects of her platform and career I am less than thrilled with. As California’s attorney general she was given the nickname “top cop” and has a history of being “soft on cops.”

Her narrative has changed in the last few years and she was become more outspoken on police brutality and reform, but her past actions or lack of actions to hold police accountable taint her newfound platform for me. 

At the end of the day, personal opinions aside, Sen. Harris is a seasoned professional and a well-educated woman who is more than qualified to fulfill the job requirements of vice president.  

While I am not necessarily over the moon about the Biden/Harris ticket, I am a supporter nonetheless because the alternative is much worse. I may not agree with everything they say or stand for, but at the end of the day they are two competent, well educated, empathetic and patriotic individuals, and that is far more than we can say about our current commander in chief.

Audrey Measer is the opinion editor. Follow her on Twitter: @audrey_measer.

Opinion Editor

Major: Public Relations I love working alongside such a supportive and talented group of people, and creating a fun little community within the larger GU community. It’s a fun place to grow as a writer and as a person and get out of your comfort zone!

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