“To be continued…”
I always loved hearing Tom Miller’s catchphrase. As the Editor-In-Chief of the Gonzaga Bulletin in fall 2008, I heard Tom use that phrase a lot in meetings, during critiques, and in classes. To me, it always meant “nothing ends.” The search for truth, commitment to accuracy, the education of readers, all of it was “to be continued.”
And it’s the same for Tom Miller’s legacy on The Gonzaga Bulletin. His teachings continue.
It was wonderful to see the thoughtful letter from (then) current editor Jared Brown on Dec. 7, along with recollections from former editors and colleagues. I hope that as Tom enjoys retirement (no doubt marking this page with a green pen even at home), he’s taking pride in the fact that the ship he helped guide is still going strong.
Tom has an uncanny ability to connect to his journalism students. Every Bulletin editor that’s ever sat in those offices on the 4th floor of College Hall reveres that man – his critiques and page markups were a welcome sight every week. His attention and dedication made all of us better journalists. I even still have my notes from his journalism classes.
But more than that, Tom understands the value of student media. It is a place to learn, a place that gives freedom to fail in new ways, a place where students come to understand their first amendment rights, and the responsibility it brings. The students dictate the content. If Tom had ever told us “don’t print that,” we would have never learned the responsibility of our role as creators of media. Instead, he guided us, let us make mistakes, and most importantly, helped us learn how to do better in the end. During a particularly stressful time in my tenure, I remember Tom approaching me, asking “heavy weighs the crown, Mr. Sandberg?” He helped me understand that being a student journalist isn’t a game, it’s a duty to our students, our readers, our community.
I carry those teachings still. I now advise the TV and radio students at Oregon State University, and I still think “how would Professor Miller do this?” from time to time.
I wish Tom nothing but the best in retirement. Thanks for everything.
-Steven Sandberg (’09)
Gonzaga Bulletin Editor-In-Chief - Fall 2008