protest at college hall

Dr. Pat McCormick of the religious studies department leads a group of faculty, students and community members in a prayer of welcome and peaceful protest in the wake of the 2016 elections Friday Nov. 11. 

To our students of color, to our Muslim students, to our students who are survivors of sexual assault, to our LGTBQ students, to our students not born in the United States, to our students who have family who are immigrants, to our students from poor families, to our students with disabilities and dreams, to our students from working-class backgrounds, to our students who feel overlooked or invisible, to our students who feel uncomfortably too visible, to our students who voted for Clinton, to our students who voted for Trump, to our students who voted third-party, to all our students — We recognize your dignity and we hope your peers recognize it too.

We will work hard to ensure that your peers recognize you as a fellow citizen, traveler of this Earth and member of our human race. Our shared mission in the Gonzaga community is to intentionally develop the whole person, all persons. We work to be women and men for and with others. To our students — we work for you, your place in the country and your place in the world.

We stand in solidarity with you. And we are ready and available to talk with you. 

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Could have shortened that down to the last line - "to all our student."

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