McKenna Milacek

As many have noticed, the parking along Cincinnati Avenue by Mulligan Field has been replaced with a curb and plants that serves as a retention pond for rain runoff. Recent complaints regarding this lack of parking for gym-goers creates an opportunity to open a conversation about how we’re navigating our campus.

The reconstruction on Cincinnati Avenue is part of Spokane’s Cincinnati Greenway that will eventually stretch from Euclid Avenue to Spokane Falls Boulevard by the baseball field. The purpose of this project? To slow down traffic in the Logan neighborhood and on-campus to provide bicyclists a safer route to downtown. It’s a bike corridor – a project initiated by the City of Spokane to promote alternative modes of transportation. It will also eventually serve as a bus route along the proposed Central City Line, which will connect Spokane Community College with downtown via electric bus by 2021. 

Essentially, the removal of said “coveted parking spots” is the beginning of big change in Spokane. The city is planning for a future of multimodal transportation that will increase connectivity within our community and decrease emissions from short driving trips.  

It’s an opportunity to make positive change by reducing the total number of single occupancy vehicle trips (one person driving to a destination).Yes, this transformation may be inconvenient for those living off campus (or even on campus for that matter), but it’s encouraging us to reconsider how we’re commuting. 

Walking is a perfectly viable option, even in the cold weather. It’s not necessary to drive less than a mile when our campus provides us with the facilities to walk, bike, skateboard or scooter. However, if driving to the gym is absolutely necessary, there is general parking behind the Rudolph Fitness Center that’s even closer than those at Mulligan Field. 

McKenna Milacek is a senior studying Civil Engineering.

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