Kevin Snow, vice president of Gonzaga’s Queer Student Union, wishes to exclude Path of Life from the Logan Block Party in order not to offend what he refers to as “my community.” He further states “I want to see that view (LGBTQ) really represented in all things.” At first glance this statement seems to imply that the Queer Student Union has been denied representation at the Logan Block Party. If this is the case, we urge the QSU to contact the event organizers to address that situation.

However, if the idea of “represented in all things” actually means only one view is represented to the exclusion of other viewpoints, such as those held by Path of Life staff and supporters, then Snow seems intolerant and exclusionary. Path of Life has enjoyed peaceful participation in the block party for the last two years. Indeed, even though we are a pro-life ministry, we attend this event with Planned Parenthood as our Logan neighbor. We do not request that Planned Parenthood not participate due to our organizations’ different views on abortion.

Is Mr. Snow requesting that the Logan Block Party be limited in the future to his “community” at the expense or exclusion of others? When stating that Path of Life’s presence at the Logan Block Party is “offensive to our community and has no place at a Gonzaga event” is he saying Gonzaga events are exclusionary? Is the Logan Block party truly a community event or a Gonzaga event? What is an “unfortunate inclusion?” Answers to these questions provide important information that lay the groundwork for the true meaning of inclusion. The inconsistencies presented make it unclear precisely what is trying to be managed.

Path of Life applauds efforts of the Center for Community Engagement at GU to create “a space and event that everyone is welcome and that it’s safe and inclusive.” There is no mention in the Bulletin article that any person was unwelcome, unsafe or excluded as a result of Path of Life’s participation, only a reference to personal discomfort. Is it prudent to limit choice by failing to recognize the need for free, confidential services provided by volunteers through privately funded sources?

At Path of Life, staff and volunteers seek to serve individuals of all faiths, or no known faith, in real life challenges, whether unwanted same sex desire, gender questioning, unplanned pregnancy, post abortion recovery or consultation about a relationship. We expect continued participation at our neighborhood block party in order to promote choices for individuals who desire our free and confidential services.

Thank you,

Path of Life Board of Directors


Path of Life is a Christian nonprofit, working to provide resources in sexual health and relational wholeness. It is located at 103 E. Indiana Ave., Suite B. 


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