On a campus where everyone knows your screw-ups, blow-ups and even hook-ups, the one thing that is everyone’s business is your relationship status.

The ultimate marker of your romantic failure or disinterest is Valentine’s Day — the day that makes regular, rational people become drunken, sobbing messes.

As the world around us blends together in shades of pink and red, many can’t help but feel that they might punch someone if they see one more papier-mâché heart.

Valentine’s Day is arguably one of the least fun holidays. The only good thing about it is the half-priced candy that comes in fun heart-shaped, or butt-shaped boxes depending on the way you look at life.

People in life, but especially in college, are label hungry, and the most sacred label of all is single or taken. Many become label-hungry when in a relationship. They want to cover their body in brands few can afford while they runway walk around campus clinging to their significant other in a way that is not only annoying to see, but also to walk behind.

If you are going to blatantly cover yourself in your good fortune at least walk faster because I have places to be.

The real question about this breed of person is: are these people truly happy? Or is the label of being in a relationship enough? We should put ourselves first more often and not care about the labels people are so desperate to put on our relationship status.

Venturing out into the outside world near Valentine’s Day can feel a little like “The Purge,” but with less rampant stabbing. But, as I walked around campus I had a thought: we are more than willing to put our lives on the line for basketball tickets, but we aren’t willing to take a chance on love. Instead of being the first in line if they ever change their mind, maybe we should take a chance on something else. 

Our instinctual reaction to spending Valentine’s Day alone is to sit in bed and watch rom-coms while eating an entire box of chocolate, “Legally Blonde” style. It is important to fight this urge as if you still have some fight left in you.

It is 2019 after all. It is the time to be bold and be the person we’ve been wanting to be but have been too scared to become. If we secretly love someone we should tell them. And if we are relying on other people to attain a sense of self we should stop our reliance on the love of emotionally stunted people in order to feel accepted. Wanting a relationship isn’t a bad thing but wanting a relationship for the benefits and bragging rights of being a picture-perfect couple is.

While we believe Feb. 14 to be a day to spend with our romantic soulmates, we often forget about our platonic soulmates when we spiral into dateless depression. We should focus on our group of people who always have our back, those who we have a deeper relationship with then any romantic one could ever go. 

Maybe Valentine’s Day should be the day where we as single people take stock of our lives. Are we happy? Are we where we want to be in our lives? And if the answers to those questions is yes then who cares about a Thursday, the most boring of days. And if the answer is no, then it should be an inspirational time to go out and actually get what we want for once. Because while couples might get this one shining day in the sun, that doesn’t mean that they are truly living their best lives.

Because maybe life isn’t all gorgeous men standing outside our windows playing Peter Gabriel songs on an oversized boom box — but maybe that is just fine. And while eating a tear-soaked pizza in a loose-fitting pant is very cathartic, make sure that you are doing it for the right reasons.

Spencer Brown is a staff writer.

Spencer Brown is a staff writer.

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