At the end of four years, this upcoming summer is not just another four month break from school, for a little and carefree hiatus from our favorite home, the Spo. This time the end is a ten-letter word. It makes your heart race from both excitement and a confused anticipation. That word is graduation.

For seniors, this time after the whirlwind of finals now consist of being launched head first into the real world. It is terrifying. 

The warm and fuzzy that comes with living in the Gonzaga bubble will no longer be as accessible as we are used to. Yes, GU will always be our home base and a place where we poured our hearts and souls into, but now we must all disperse into the big wide world that might not always take us in with open arms. People might not be as eager to stop their day to hold the door open for us.

Reflecting on my time at GU is quite difficult to do without my eyes welling up with crocodile tears (both happy and sad). As cliché as it sounds, my GU experience was more than I could have imagined and more. 

You think you have your life together and know exactly what you want, then you come to GU and your expectations take a complete 360. But that is the magic of GU, you never know what you’re going to get, but you know that what you receive is what you needed all along.  

Waiting in lines has been a critical part of my GU experience. Yes, when waiting in a line you feel like time is passing as slow as a snail. But, when looking back, it is those moments when I was waiting for a fresh batch of cookies from Cookie Night in the basement of the place I called home for two years, or waiting in line for basketball tickets, or waiting for my daily or hourly coffee I wish I could have back. 

The conversations that I had while waiting in those lines will always be my favorite. As time was quickly whooshing by, time slowed down while waiting in line, and honestly I wish I had appreciated that time more. I feel these last two weeks at GU disappearing as fast as doughnuts in the Student Media office on a Wednesday morning.

My biggest advice I can give to Zags or just anyone reading this is say “yes.” 

Stay up a little too late sharing stories with your best friends, go get the coffee, go on the adventure, go to the on campus or off campus event and get as involved as you possibly can — but make sure that you have time for yourself as well. 

Push yourself out of your comfort zone, and trust me it is easy to do that at GU. This place challenges you to cultivate and be the best possible version of yourself.

One big thing that GU taught me is to make the most of your experience and dip your toe in as many things as possible, but on top of that, and most importantly, make sure to have time to just sit and do nothing. Give yourself time to take in the amazingness (or not so amazingness) of everything.

You would think as a journalist it would be easy to write all my thoughts and feelings, but when reflecting on my four years at GU words come flying and its hard to pick which make the page.

With the topic of writing I finish this love letter to GU with a thank you to the Gonzaga Bulletin, and to all of the incredible and inspiring people that I have come into contact with.

I am the person and writer I am today because of my fellow badass writers, mentors and the editors that came before me. 

It has been an honor to help and be apart of this publication, it has been one of my greatest joys and as I close this door I know that I will forever leave a piece of my heart at beloved GU.

Brianna Vasquez is an A&E editor. Follow her on Twitter: @BriannaVasquez_.


Brianna Vasquez is an arts & entertainment editor.

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