On top of all the excitement and nerves that go into your pre-college haul, this year you also have to factor in the pandemic when you’re browsing through Target. 

To try to make your lives easier, I’ve compiled a list of items that are guaranteed to not collect dust in your dorm, as well as a list of items you could skip. 

Things to bring:

Fan: While many students may be anticipating snowy Spokane winters, each August many are left in shock at how warm our summers can be. In the residence halls, students get full control of the heat within their dorm rooms, but they are at the mercy of the building’s maintenance crew to control the air conditioning. 

Personal items: Bringing things that add personal touches can help ease the feeling of homesickness. Whether it be a stuffed animal your grandma gave you, photos of your friends and family, or your favorite inspirational quote pinned on your wall, these little things can help keep you grounded and comforted in those moments when home might seem a little farther away than usual. 

Laundry bag: A laundry bag, in addition to the hamper, has a two for one purpose. I could use it to carry my detergents and other laundry supplies with me to the laundry room, and then during the return trip I had a clean bag to put my newly washed clothes in, rather than the same hamper they came out of. 

Calendar/planner: A calendar or planner is a great organizational tool to utilize because it allows you to clearly lay out all your academic and extracurricular activities, so nothing gets forgotten. When you can see your busy weeks before they hit, it becomes easier to plan ahead and prioritize your workload in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed at the last minute. 

Mattress memory foam cover: A memory foam mattress pad is a dorm room item that I never would have thought to buy on my own, but it ended up being one of the best investments I made for my dorm room. Not only will it make the transition to sleeping in a new room easier, it will also help your dorm feel a little bit more like home.

Kitchen Supplies: If you have any desire to make brunch with your friends on Sunday morning, bake brownies during midterms or just occasionally cook your own meals to break up the monotony of eating in the dining hall, you must bring your own kitchen supplies. I highly recommend utensils, plates, bowls, mugs, a pack of sponges and dish soap. 


Do Bring

Mini fridge

Toaster/ Microwave

Mattress cover

Shower shoes



First-Aid kit 

Surge protector

Bed light, lamp


Don’t Bring


Cooking appliances 

Heaters, halogen lamps, heat lamps 

Portable AC units  

Hot plates

Large furniture items


Excessive T-shirts

Leisure Reading

Jenna Rogers is a staff writer. Follow her on Twitter: @Jennamr05.

Jenna Rogers is a staff writer. Follow her on Twitter: @Jennamr05.

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