Parker Seeberger

On Sept. 25, the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, began the process of an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump. This is the fourth time in U.S. history that this has happened.

The inquiry was brought about when news broke that Trump may have sought Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's help to get potentially damaging information on Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

This decision to initiate an inquiry has been controversial on both sides of the aisle. Republicans are obviously upset and some on both sides believe the inquiry is a negative thing. Here's why they're wrong.

First, Trump's opposition believe that this inquiry will rally his base and increase support for him in this upcoming election. What this misses is that his base has been rallied since 2016 and were already mobilizing for this upcoming election. An impeachment inquiry is not going to draw more Trump supporters out of the woodwork. In reality, it will most likely do the opposite. There are more registered independents than Democrats or Republicans in this country. Also, trust in government is especially low right now. An independent on the fence is much more likely to see this and sway away from Trump.

This is the same thing that happened in 2016 to Hillary Clinton. The email debacle did not do much to change the minds of Democrats or Republicans, but rather it swayed the independent voter away from the politician. 

Another complaint is that Vice President Mike Pence would be a worse president than Trump currently is. However, impeachment inquiries are not exactly an expedient process. Even if all the votes were to go against President Trump, it could still take until next year before he is actually removed from office. Once that is over, President Pence would not really have the time or agency to enact any impactful policies.

The final argument is that Pelosi and the Democrats are wasting their time as the vote will never pass through the Senate. This is the most egregious argument. The last thing this country needs is apathy toward those trying to undermine the very democracy we are founded on. Regardless of how this inquiry and impeachment play out, the fact that it happened is a win for this country.

We cannot sit around and do nothing while our president conducts allegedly illegal activity. It is our civic duty to allow and support the functions of our government that bring justice to those who deserve it. We should never have rhetoric that tells our elected officials to continue corruption as they will face no repercussions.

This is about sending a message that those in power need to be kept in check. Our elections are to be voted on by the people and we cannot have a person and foreign powers collaborating to take away that agency. Any American should be upset with that fact, regardless of political affiliation.

The system is broken. The fact that the American people have to argue about whether it’s a good idea or not to investigate our president for potential election tampering is insane. We are so deep into our two-party system that our democracy is being lost. Predicting that an impeachment will never pass through the Senate only by looking at the letter next to senator's names is dangerous.

An impeachment inquiry should be above party lines. If the president is really doing illegal activity, they should be punished and it should not even be a conversation. If anything, that is the most important part of this inquiry. 

It will prove that these members of Congress are unwilling to put aside their party to do the right thing, but sadly a large part of the U.S. will simply not care.

Parker Seeberger is a staff writer.

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