Nothing fills a college student with more rage than having an 8 a.m. class. 

I can attest to this. Dread filled me when I looked at my schedule before second semester started and saw I had 8 a.m.s every morning. But I’m here to say, after two months of waking up at the dreaded hour of 6:30 to get to class on time, it actually isn’t that bad.

There are actually some perks to getting an 8 a.m. in your schedule. 

First off, most people find the thought of them appalling, so getting to classes at this time is super easy.

Most of the time you end up with good professors, and since it’s the beginning of their work day, they should be in a more chipper mood than toward the end of the day.

Another reason I am a pro 8 a.m. girl is just being able to start the day earlier than most of my peers. By the time I’m done with classes, a lot of students haven’t even started their first class. This gives more time for evening activities, like never having to worry about getting to a Zags game late because of a class. An additional perk is being able to workout in the late afternoon at the RFC rather than late at night.

On days where I’m feeling completely exhausted from my early classes, I’m able to go home and take a nap at a decent hour.

Other benefits to 8 a.m.'s that many people overlook include the abundance of parking early in the morning, the calmness of campus before hundreds more people show up and since the class is so early in the morning, no one will care if you looked like you just rolled out of bed (because most likely everyone else did too).

I’m not here to say 8 a.m.s are easy, because they definitely take some getting used to.

My tips to help them be as good as they can be are as follows: shower at night so you can get as much sleep as possible, set your alarm for two hours before you have to leave — so you have enough time to press snooze if you must  and invest in a coffee machine.

My favorite perk about having 8 a.m.s is actually the sympathy people have for you, since you had to get up so early. It’s a great excuse to get out of things — not that I have ever used this tactic before. All in all, I think there are actually more pros to early classes than cons.

Of course, this is a very divided opinion with most students leaning towards the anti-8 a.m., but if you follow my tips and think about the pros, I don’t think you’ll have such a bad time at your early morning class.

Lindsey Wilson is a contributor.

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