We have all been there. When you are about three snooze button hits into your alarm desperately trying to screech you awake. Where you can only manage to open a single eye to look at the time on your phone. And when you know in your heart that it simply isn’t going to happen today.

However, there used to be the rare magic of seeing an All Undergraduate email saying that school has been cancelled because of smoke or snow or the power going out. On those days you can feel your soul quite literally re-enter your body and the light comes back into your eyes.

Now I would rather eat glass than be the billionth person to say that this year is different than others or even worse discuss adjusting to the “New Normal”—but it’s true, everything has changed. Unfortunately for us, the rich and simple pleasure of not having to go to school on a Wednesday is one of those things that also has to change.

Time is truly irrelevant. Every single day blends together when you are mindlessly logging into Zoom meetings and doing an excessive amount of assignments that prolong us sitting in uncomfortable chairs and straining our eyes from staring at our computers for too long. It’s fair to say that students and professors alike are being driven crazy from all the time spent zooming and would much rather stay in bed as the days get colder and colder.

In my four years here we have gotten only a few snow days, and I would argue that we need a spontaneous day off more than ever, which is why we should have a virtual snow day. Or a mental health day. Whatever you want to brand this inexplicable day that we could have off works, but it could function the same way as the snow day used to.

No Zooms, no hybrids, just you sleeping late and finishing all the assignments you have let pile up. Because let’s be honest we are all letting certain projects pile up even though we are locked inside like characters in a post apocalyptic young adult novel.

And before you ask no, I wouldn’t call myself a lazy person, but we all need time off from time to time. Zoom University only exacerbates the constant need many students have to overachieve and take on more than they can chew because they think they aren’t doing enough. Even though it might not feel like you are doing a lot, trust me you are.

I am sick of hearing the argument that just because you are at home you must be relaxing 100% of the time. Am I in an elastic pant? Of course. But am I smothered with more assignments than a medieval torture device?  You betcha. Zoom classes are in no way easier than regular class, I just feel better eating during class than I normally would. And boy, am I snacking.

Communication, staying focused and trying to fight the constant urge to online shop makes Zoom classes that much harder. Since we no longer get the same serotonin filled feeling that we would normally get each weekend when we could just veg out in out beds and binge watch tv, we need an alternative, and virtual snow days might be our best bet.

Spencer Brown is the managing editor. Follow him on Twitter at @Spencer_Brown_ 

Managing Editor

Major: Journalism / English I work for the Bulletin because I love hearing people's stories and being able to share them with our community.

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