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"The Batman" trailer took the internet by storm a few weeks ago by how awesome it was, with many saying, “The Bat is Back.”

"The Batman" starring Twilight actor, Robert Pattinson, will continue the legacy of The Bat following the announcement that Ben Affleck will no longer play Batman.

The IMDB synopsis of the plot says, “The Riddler plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse with Batman and Commissioner [Jim] Gordon in Gotham City.”

The questions that a lot of people are asking are various: what is "The Batman" about? What kind of game is Paul Dano’s Riddler playing? What role will Selina Kyle (Zoë Kravitz), aka Catwoman play? Will she be an enemy, love interest or both? The ominous, effective music (including the moody use of Nirvana’s “Something in the Way,” and the use of a new Batman theme suggests an unusually gloomy Bat-story. The plot hints suggest a complex mystery and will introduce Batman’s detective side.

Compared to the other Batman films, this movie will stand out because it will have the dark lighting and cinematography of the Tim Burton "Batman" (1987) movies which showed general audiences how dark, gritty and realistic Batman could be. The trailer seems to share very few similarities to the more campy and light-hearted Adam West’s Batman. That also goes with the Joel Schumacher movies, so don’t expect this to be the new Batman and Robin (at least hopefully not).

One of the things that make this trailer stand out from the other Batman movies is that it may highlight Batman’s detective side. Based on the interview with the director, Matt Reeves, and the obvious shots and images shown in the trailer, this movie is an adaptation of one of the most famous Batman comic stories, “The Long Halloween.”

In this story Batman tries to solve a convoluted murder case in which he employs the help of Calendar Man (yes,you heard that right, Calendar Man) who has a Hannibal Lecter ("Manhunter"/"Silenceof the Lambs") style dynamic with Batman in which he gives Batman clues and advice on how to solve the case.

The Reeves’ Batman also shares some similarities with the Nolan Batman films because it seems to return to a gritty/ realistic approach to Batman that Nolan utilized in his movie. The story is street level, so there are no other heroes and the villains don’t have powers.

Now that is not saying that the movie is going to be exactly like the Nolan movies. "The Batman" is clearly a detective story and has neo-noir vibes of old detective movies. This movie really reminds me of the movie "Seven" which is about a serial killer going around killing people and leaving clues for the protagonists to find.

The general audience might see a Batman trailer that doesn't seem like Burton, Schumacher or Nolan's movies. But all we saw seemed different. The costumes, the Batmobile, Gotham City, the villains and even the cinematography are all something unique that we have never seen and I’m all for it.

The movie also looks like a complete departure from the more comic book style Batman that we got in the Zach Snyder movies.

Reeves said in the introduction to the Batman trailer that the film would be
an especially grounded Batman story, set early in his crime- fighting career. He likened Bruce Wayne to a reclusive rock star. Pattinson said the film will feature the young Caped Crusader in a state of desperation.

“It's a detective story, a mystery, it's got, of course, action, and it's incredibly personal for him. He's kind of a growing legend and [criminals] are afraid of him. He's not a symbol of hope yet. One of the things he has to deal with is how he's perceived," Reeves said to Deadline. "What was exciting for me was not doing the origin [story] but to meet him in the middle and to see him make mistakes and grow and fail and be heroic in a way that felt very human and very flawed."

"The Batman" hits theaters on March 4, 2022.

Daniel Fortin is a staff writer.