As a college student, I know that most of us are one of three things, (sometimes all of them): too busy, too lazy or too poor. This makes cooking food every day for every meal very unappealing for many of us.  

Luckily, Spokane has a number of restaurants that offer takeout, delivery services and more that make it easy for us to have a restaurant quality meal without taking the time to whip it up ourselves. 

It also means that we will likely have a much nicer meal than we would have had if it had been made by us. This would be excluding those Gonzaga students with gourmet food social media accounts never failing to make our mouths water, of course. The rest of us may “chef-up” occasionally but not on a consistent basis.  

Here are just a few locally owned, Spokane restaurants that are not too expensive and are guaranteed to be delicious. 


The High Nooner:

Downtown location: 237 W. Riverside Ave. North location: 410 E. Holland Ave. Courthouse location: 1116 W. Broadway Ave. 


This “gourmet” sandwich shop has four different locations in Spokane: Downtown (Riverside), Spokane Valley (North Pines), North Spokane (East Holland) and near the Courthouse (West Broadway). 

The High Nooner has a variety of sandwiches on their menu as well as the option to build your own sandwich and add whatever “fixins” you would like. This restaurant is a great option for those with a specific dietary need as they offer gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options. 

The High Nooner is also famous for its sandwich sides, salads and desserts, including their coleslaw, pea salad, potato salad, rum cake and Nooner’s giant chocolate chip cookie. Their sandwiches range from $5.69 to $12.69 depending on the type and size your order. 



1011 W.  Broadway Ave.


This restaurant is one of Spokane’s most well-known, local brunch destinations near Kendall Yards (Broadway). It has classic brunches like chicken and biscuit, pancakes, breakfast wraps and egg scrambles.  

It also has more unique items such as the bacon sticky bun, blueberry cardamom muffin French toast and the rude-ben, Bruncheontte’s take on the traditional Rueben sandwich. If you are 21 or older, don’t miss their cocktail kits to-go. 

Bruncheonette offers three different menus — the regular menu and take-out menus which can be picked up at the store by you or the delivery menu. On the takeout menu, Bruncheonette offers a family brunch platter, perfect for your whole family, friend group or roommates to enjoy when you feel like going out to eat but would like to stay safe. 

This restaurant is a little more expensive than others included in this article but, well worth it. Majority of food items on the menu range from $6.50 to $14.50. 


Aloha Island Grill:

Campus location: 1724 N. Monroe St.  North location: 1220 W. Francis Ave. 


This restaurant is what I would categorize as, a “fun find” in Spokane. This is one of the only Hawaiian, non-Poke, restaurants in Spokane and other nearby cities. 

It has two locations, near Gonzaga (Monroe) and on North Spokane (Francis). Aloha Island Grill offers traditional, Hawaiian cuisine that is guaranteed to be delicious. The most popular dish is the famous plate lunches. 

These lunches include an entree, rice and macaroni or pea salad. There are also Main Island breakfasts and other options for a mix of entrees and salads. The price ranges depending on what you order.  

These are not the only delicious and easy finds for delivery and takeout in Spokane, just a few popular ones. There are so many others to try out and enjoy.

To discover other restaurants, you can download Uber Eats, Door Dash or another delivery application to see what else is offered. Go out into your community and support local businesses while also getting a great meal to go.

Marin Counter is a contributor. 

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