Victimization is the folly of this nation, and the events of Jan. 6 and all that surrounds it are evidence of this fact. The course of events that took place leading up to the assault on the Capitol as well as the events that have unfolded afterward have accentuated this country’s failure to be accountable for its actions. 

Currently, it begins with our former President Donald Trump. It is hard to argue against the fact that Trump and his most staunch political acquaintances bear superior responsibility for inciting the riot at the Capitol. What they did in the aftermath of suffering a defeat in the presidential election was stir up Trump’s supporters with fickle allegations of election fraud because they had to put the responsibility of their loss onto somebody else. 

Trump created this very dangerous complex for himself and his followers where they believe that opposing American groups seek to illegitimately depose the president while establishing a new regime that will do away with American democracy. 

The president, as a clearly egotistical and vain person, couldn’t bear the responsibility of suffering his own defeat, so he projected this injurious narrative onto his followers. It was an unsuccessful move in terms of having election results overturned and getting him reinstated, but it did unfortunately prove that this country acquiesces to people who don’t hold themselves accountable as long as those people are also perceived as true patriots.

The reason why accountability has for so long been subverted by culpable groups is because this nation chooses to allow preconceived notions about these groups dictate the way that their actions are assessed. The set of standards which this country holds its people to is based upon how threatening a certain group is perceived as being toward our national construct. If their disposition appears to counter the institutions that have long allowed the old guard to stay in control, then those people are processed with more scrutiny.  

The Capitol attack on Jan. 6 wasn’t countered with much severity in mind because the people perpetuating the attack were evaluated under a set of standards that didn’t see them as threats. They didn’t fit the mold for what this country’s establishment has built up as the destructive anarchist, hinged on disassembling the statutes that preserve the establishment’s power. 

But spurred by Trump and his political sycophants, those very people were able to accomplish some of the greatest disruptions in America’s history. They proved that this nation was susceptible to degradation, but not by the fanciful characters that Trump’s supporters imagined it would come from, rather from the very people that these structures were originally intended to protect, once they feel that the system no longer benefits them above others.  

Once the attack on the Capitol had subsided and five people died, those Americans who did Trump’s bidding and stormed the Capitol have begun to be tried under the fullest extent of the law.

In fact, those involved in the treachery on Jan. 6 could land up to 10 years in prison due to an executive order pushed by Trump in 2020 that gives defilers of national monuments that sort of sentence. What can’t be forgotten however is that the decree by Trump was put into place to thwart Black Lives Matter protesters because the ruling class has stigmatized them to be a substantial threat to the national construct. 

It is also interesting that now that these insurrectionists are being detained, circles of Trump supporters online have now begun to blame antifa and left wing parties for committing the heinous attack on the Capitol. This disturbing complex that always places the blame onto an outside source stems from the narrative that was fabricated by the political figures whom these people follow, and it is vital that this narrative is perpetuated in the face of scrutiny because it helps subvert the admittance of defeat.  

These leaders who peddled such a narrative rather than accept responsibility were the ones who spearheaded this seditious movement, and they’re now being brought under fire for their culpability in the act. Trump has had multiple social media accounts suspended, his Cabinet deteriorated around him and he has now been impeached for a second time. But even so, the president and his political circle have kept with the theme of shirking responsibility. 

They have combatted the attacks with more victimization efforts where they try to show the president as somebody who has been downtrodden himself for being “unconstitutionally silenced” by social media because it’s suppressing his ability to unify the nation.

However, his profiles on these outlets wouldn’t be used to do such a thing and he would only continue to push the types of narratives that blame villainized groups because that’s what excuses his behavior and supports his extremely tenuous base.   

For those within the Republican Party who stoked Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud, their own path to prosecution will be hindered by their unwillingness to come forward and accept their accountability. These deceitful politicians will either continue to run with Trump’s idea that this is all part of a massive witch hunt, or they will widely disassociate themselves from his rhetoric and claim to never have actually aided in fueling his insurrection attempt. 

The American people’s call for these enablers to be prosecuted will be futile because these politicians weren’t previously stigmatized as potential threats to our country’s stability.

Instead, their intent for their actions will be evaluated with the sense that they were striving to uphold sacred American values, so no matter how deplorable their rhetoric may have been, it’ll be excused as just a perverted attempt to uphold the American construct. 

To shy away from accountability would seemingly be the antithesis of the American construct, but it’s at the core of the way our society operates. Trump has claimed many times before that his movement is one content with undoing the injustices of the old guard, but in reality his paradigm epitomizes the biggest flaws of the American standard.

As Trump’s rioting fanatics proved on Jan. 6, failure to hold accountability will be the undoing of this nation.

Asher Ali is a sports editor. Follow him on Twitter: @asher_ali3.

Sports Editor

Major: Journalism / International Relations Because the ability to tell other people's stories within such a passionate community like GU's is an opportunity unlike any other.

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