URM Cash & Carry. More like cash my love and carry my heart with you for the rest of my time at Gonzaga, because the URM experience is incomparable to other grocery stores across the nation. 

Unlike other competitors that require membership cards to enter the door, Cash & Carry accepts all customers and focuses on inclusion. Exclusivity and grasps at club status are not needed when your service and product is excellent. The store offers crucial groceries in large quantities and bulk, serving local businesses and restaurants along with the general public.

Shopping at Cash & Carry requires more forward thinking and meal planning than other grocery stores, as ready-made meals and frozen microwaveable favorites are scarce in the store. However, those looking to explore the culinary arts and select produce they otherwise wouldn’t can experiment with ease. 

Employees at the URM never recite memorized sales pitches regarding store points or Cash & Carry credit cards, creating a comfortable shopping experience from door to check out. Additionally, a wide variety of payment forms are accepted with everything from checks to EBT and Bulldog Bucks as viable currency. Forgetting one’s pin number and risking the scorn of a friend waiting for Ben N Jerry’s is seemingly impossible. 

I spent many foolish afternoons trudging to Safeway from Dooley Hall in the rain freshman year, telling myself that the family size box of CheezIts waiting for me was worth it. It never was. Those delectable salty orange squares never outweighed the time, physical exertion and overpriced items that journeying to Safeway provided me. 

Safeway is Cash & Carry’s hot older brother, the one that says he’s finding himself while relying on his high school band to be noticed, but never actually produces anything of substance. I appreciate Safeway and the shiny exterior it provides me, but the store and it’s prices fail to account for the trials and tribulations of real life. Good looks and a killer bass can only take a relationship so far. Safeway is all take and no give. 

URM Cash & Carry provides an unmatched consistency, never manipulating me or showing up late to dates. Every Sunday I walk into the URM looking rough, and it welcomes me with open arms, ready to listen and make my upcoming week the best it can be. I have found the perfect partner for lounging in sweats and slowly checking chores off of my list. I cherish these calming Sundays and will miss them post-graduation. 

On average I spend $25 a week on groceries from URM, which is absolutely insane given that one order on Postmates can reach $30 when accounting for delivery fees and tip. I understand the appeal of lounging in bed while another kind soul drives through the horrendous pothole-filled streets of Spokane to retrieve questionable sushi. However, purchasing your own groceries at the URM is so cost-effective that ordering out multiple times a week becomes embarrassing. 

To put this further into perspective, my weekly grocery list includes chicken breast, eggs, veggies, red grapes, spinach, caesar salad, almond milk, sparkling water, cheese, snap pea crisps and sometimes soup if I’m looking to feel cozy. Given that I eat out about two times a week and don’t eat breakfast, each meal comes out to roughly $2.09. My wallet and skin flourish on a solid Cash & Carry menu. 

Another bonus is the discount offered to all GU students at check out, proving that Cash & Carry values Zags and is committed to satiating their hunger. Many college students work to pay for their tuition, housing and food and any assistance with expenses is greatly appreciated. 

I look forward to deepening my connection with Cash & Carry throughout the next year and half, and would definitely give this store my final rose.

Nicole Glidden is a staff writer. 

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