On Sept. 28, snow hit Spokane (yes you read that right). It’s crazy to think that some students have to consider bringing their big snow coats and snow boots a month and a half before we normally expect snowfall.

According to The Spokesman Review, Spokane received 4 inches of snow, which is the most snow Spokane has seen in the month of September for a long time. With this odd trend, people can look at this scenario in two different ways: the good way and the bad way.

Here’s the good way to look at it.

For you outdoorsy people who love to ski, snowboard, or take aesthetically glorious pictures on Instagram or Snapchat, this is music to your ears. You can take your weekend long trips to Mount Spokane, go to your cabin and enjoy the outside scenery or get that warm winter coat you wanted to justify paying so much money for it. Even if you don’t like being outdoors, now you have an excuse to stay inside and stay warm. 

Here’s the other way to look at it.

If you’re a student from California or any other traditionally warm climate, this may not be the best news that you've heard. Especially for first-year students that haven’t seen snow before or don’t live where it snows, they have to potentially adjust to snow two months earlier than you expected to. Furthermore, for those who live either off campus or live in residence halls not close to main buildings (Coughlin Hall, CM, Madonna, etc.) those walks in the snow are going to be anything but fun, not to mention if you have an 8 a.m. class in Tilford (I had to do that, it wasn’t fun).

Again, everyone has their different opinion on the matter. Someone that lives in Spokane is going to feel differently than a student who lives in Los Angeles. But whether you think this is the best thing to happen or the worst thing to happen, everyone can learn or be excited from this situation.

Firstly, students can learn time management and learn what time they have to leave and adjust. For example, a student can leave for class 5 minutes earlier than normal to account for the time that it takes to walk through the snow. Also, if you are a big Christmas person, you can say Christmas came early, and even can start hanging up Christmas lights now.

Along with these two things, you can even start stacking up on hot chocolate packets and hand warmers. But most importantly, students can get excited for Gonzaga basketball season and tenting. Snowfall in Spokane means the Zags are competing for yet another WCC championship run and a run at their first National Championship in school history.

Even though is was only one weekend, we can all start getting prepared now for what is to come in the future. So bundle up, put on some gloves and get ready for another snowy winter in Spokane.


Vinny Saglimbeni is a staff writer. 

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