If your eyes aren’t completely exhausted, you aren’t charging your electronics three times a day and you don’t have back pain from sitting in front of your laptop all day, are you even part of Zoom University?

Back in March everyone was excited for a weeklong extension of spring break, and now here we are a full month into our new fall semester that is almost entirely online.  

Before COVID-19, it was always nice to catch a break from going into class and having the luxury of lounging around in sweats for a day, staying inside and relaxing, but I’ve got to say I am over it. 

Being online for every single class has given me nothing else to do except for homework and cleaning, which are two things that I don’t think anyone truly enjoys. It’s gotten to the point where I wouldn’t mind waking up and actually putting on jeans and a decent shirt for an 8 a.m. class. 

Yes, an 8 a.m. 

I never thought that I would miss being overly groggy in the mornings like that, but I’d take that groggy feeling over these Zoom lectures any day of the week. 

This last month has probably been one of the toughest years academically, socially and mentally because it has required an exhausting amount of change and constant adjustment. Without having to actually go anywhere and do anything, there’s not too strict of a schedule to adhere to. 

I’m the type of person who does well with semi-strict schedules. 

In-person classes forced me to get up, get ready and get to class all at specific times and it just kept me very on track. Now anything can be done from the comfort of my bed or couch. 

I feel as though without being in class, there’s nothing to hold me accountable to stay focused during lectures. 

It’s too easy to get distracted by my phone and the temptation to online shop during a class because there is quite literally no time away from my laptop at this point. 

On top of that, seeing Gonzaga’s campus so empty is heartbreaking. Seeing everyone out and about is part of what makes campus so beautiful.

The online semester has changed a large amount of the social aspects of GU. I’m usually a fairly outgoing person but now I completely dread the idea of a breakout room over Zoom. 

It’s safe to say that this new approach to learning is by far my least favorite but when putting things into perspective, I realize how lucky I am to have the option for a few in-person classes regardless if they’re the same or not. 

The first month involved a lot of adjusting but I think that with a better idea of the new norm, the next couple of months during this semester won’t be as daunting. 

It has all become a process of trial and error but hopefully it’s only up from here.

Kayla Friedrich is a staff writer. Follow her on Twitter at @friedrich_kayla

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