With the transition to online school has come a lot of setbacks: Professors are only available via email, virtual office hours aren’t the same and motivation and participation are at an all-time low.

Now that we are constantly attached to our computers, teachers think they can assign additional homework with the confidence that we will notice the email containing the extra assignment and turn it in on time. This adds more stress to our already hectic, exhausting schedules.

Now more than ever I think it’s necessary that there is a defined outline of “school hours.” For those of us who are taking classes from home, it is more difficult to separate school life from home life.

I am taking classes from home in Minnesota, so I am two hours ahead of those on the West Coast. Although all my classes start at a later time which is a definite bonus, this time difference can also work to my disadvantage. 

An email sent at 7 p.m. is still a reasonable time for those in Washington, but for those in the Midwest, 9 p.m. isn’t as reasonable. At that time, I have already put all my homework away and signed off for the night.

For those of us who are in a different time zone, I think it is important professors acknowledge the location of their students attending virtually and send their emails accordingly. The earlier the better. 

With that said, a large majority of college students, including myself, are night owls. The last thing I want to be doing at midnight is a last-minute homework assignment when I could be catching up on sleep. 

I have gotten emails late on a Sunday night with an assignment due Monday evening, and there’s nothing worse than seeing that show up in my inbox. 

My hardest day of the week is Monday. I begin classes at noon, and then I don’t end until almost 8 p.m.. I barely have time to do homework for the classes I have on Monday, so for a Tuesday class to assign something on a Sunday night only adds to the ongoing stress of trying to balance classes each day.

I attend all my classes from the comfort of my room, and I also work on my homework in there too. It is the quietest spot in my house, and I also get good internet connection. By the time I have spent seven plus hours in my room, it’s the last place I want to be.

I know a lot of us who are doing this semester at home sign on to classes from their room, and slowly that room starts to become less and less of a favorite place to be.

In the end, having additional homework assigned benefits no one. We get more stressed having another thing thrown onto our already full plates, and professors only get frustrated when they find out no one completed the assignment they sent out in an email the night before their morning class.

Professors normally don’t answer emails after 9 p.m., and they make it an effort to express this because they expect students to respect these time constraints. Consequently, I think it’s unfair for professors to then turn around and not respect our time constraints, especially considering everything happening this year. 

Tess Pickar is a staff writer. 

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