Our Letters Policy

The Gonzaga Bulletin welcomes all letters to the editor. The Bulletin reserves all rights to submitted content, including republishing, archiving and editing for clarity. Letters to the editor may publish in print and online or online only. Please include full name, a portrait photo and your relation to the GU community, as well as a telephone number for confirmation purposes only. If you are a current GU student or recent alum, The Bulletin will publish in print and online your Gonzaga ID picture from Zagweb if another photo is not provided. Letters should be typed and no more than 800 words. Email letters to bulletin@zagmail.gonzaga.edu with “OPINION” in the subject line by no later than 4 p.m., Tuesday.

A successful letter to the editor in the Opinion pages of The Gonzaga Bulletin calls for a certain course of action to be pursued or belief to be accepted. For The Bulletin, the Opinion pages are an origin for discussion. Whenever a letter is considered for publication, the question, "Will this encourage discussion and further thought on campus?" must be asked.

As a general rule, The Bulletin will remove profanity that is gratuitous or used for shock value from letters to the editor. In certain situations, limited profanity may be used. When evaluating the use of profanity, editors will consider: Is the use necessary and appropriate for the meaning of the letter? Is the use in good taste or disrespectful? Is the profanity used minimally when necessary? As a rule, ad hominem arguments are unacceptable, including hate speech directed at race, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnicity, age, religion or disability. Criticism should be focused on topics, facts and ideas, NOT other writers or members of our community.

All letters to the editor must be signed by the actual author(s) of the letter. Letters may be submitted on behalf of groups, clubs, departments or organizations but still must have a signature from the author. The Bulletin will not accept letters submitted anonymously or under a pseudonym.

The Gonzaga Bulletin shall not be liable or under any obligation to ensure or maintain confidentiality, expressed or implied, related to any letter to the editor contribution and photograph.

The Gonzaga Bulletin shall be entitled to make use of and/or disclose any such letter to the editor contribution and photograph in any such manner as they may see fit.

A letter to the editor contribution and photograph shall automatically become the sole property of The Gonzaga Bulletin.

The Gonzaga Bulletin is under no obligation to either compensate or provide any form of reimbursement in any manner or nature.

Opinions expressed in The Gonzaga Bulletin represent the views of the writers and authors but do not necessarily reflect those of the faculty, staff, administration or student body of Gonzaga University.

The Gonzaga Bulletin is a weekly student publication serving the Gonzaga community. 



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