In the "Student Arrival and Return to Gonzaga Guide" emailed to all students on July 31, Gonzaga University President Thayne McCulloh announced a series of protocols to ensure student safety on campus during the fall semester.

In the guide, it was announced that the Rudolf Fitness Center would begin the semester operating in a limited capacity.

“When operational, the RFC will be open in time slots of 45-minute increments for patrons to reserve and complete their workout,” the guide said. “You will be asked to reserve a time slot and equipment prior to entering the RFC. After each 45-minute reservation period, RFC staff will sanitize the equipment and facility before the next reservation period is permitted to begin in the facility.

While the RFC is still open via reservations, many students will find themselves searching for alternate locations to get a quality workout in. Fortunately, GU students have bountiful options both on and around campus to burn some calories and bulk up.

Centennial Trial

Running right through campus near the School of Law and Luger Field, the 40-mile paved trail provides students with a beautiful walking and biking route along the Spokane River. Stretching all the way to Coeur d’Alene, the trail is a favorite among students searching for a cardio fix.

 “It’s so long in either direction that you can easily perform any cardio workout no matter the intensity,” GU senior and RFC Jazzercise instructor Kelsie Ackerman said. “Whether you want to go on a chill walk with friends or push the pace on a solo run, the Centennial Trail is a great spot.”

Mission Park

Just two blocks east of campus, Mission Park offers public workout equipment for those looking to get an outdoor workout in. Five machines are located in the neighborhood park: an elliptical, chest press, dip/push-up/pull-up bars, a step master and a leg press. It is recommended to bring disinfecting wipes to clean the machines before and after each use.

Southwest Campus Bars

Tucked in between the School of Law and the Patterson Baseball Complex, a structure of metal bars sits just off of the Centennial Trial. While simple and straightforward, the bars are perfect for pull-ups, dips and other body weight exercises

At Home

Sometimes the best workout comes from the comfort of your own living area. A bedroom or dorm room provides just enough space for some killer body weight workouts.

“Push-ups, sit-ups and other body weight stuff is a great substitute for gym machines,” GU junior and RFC intramural referee Luke Scanlon said.

Furthermore, gyms across the nation have uploaded hours and hours of classes and personal trainer videos to various social media platforms. 

“I’ve found great workouts on YouTube and Instagram,” Ackerman said. “Whether its body weight work, yoga, or even spin if you have your own bike, social media can provide some great workouts that you can do from the comfort of your house.”


GU’s campus contains multiple steep sets of stairs for students looking for some quick and quality cardio work.

“The stairs that head down to the RFC are perfect for stair work,” Ackerman said.

Additionally, those looking to be more efficient with their time can get quite the workout walking the stairs to College Hall’s fourth floor.

Basketball Courts

It would not be an article about GU workouts without mentioning basketball. Most parks in Spokane, including Mission Park, offer full-court basketball for those students who still hope to get some shots up during the semester.

“I play 2-on-2 with my roommates a lot and it’s a fantastic workout,” Scanlon said. “It’s a great way to get some cardio in without having to force yourself to do cardio.”

More information regarding the RFC and their protocols will be released as additional guidance from the State and the Spokane Regional Health District is made available.

Zach Walls is a staff writer. Follow him on Twitter: @ZachWallsTV

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