Hey there, everybody. We are Vinny Saglimbeni and Asher Ali, and we are going to be your sports editors this semester for The Gonzaga Bulletin.

Words cannot describe how excited we are to bring you GU readers sports content this semester. Even though it may not be in the conventional way of reading game stories, season previews for all of the fall sports teams, among other live fall competition stories, we want to assure you that we are committed to bringing you the sports content you want to see.

Before we get into what you can expect from us, let us give you an introduction of ourselves so you all know who you are working with:

My name is Vinny Saglimbeni and I am from San Jose, California. This is my second semester as a sports editor for The Bulletin and my third semester total with the newspaper. My favorite moment so far as a sports editor is getting to cover senior night last season and getting the chance to interview former Zag, Rui Hachimura.

I’m Asher Ali and I am from Los Angeles. I am a first-time sports editor for The Bulletin but I have been on staff as a staff writer since my freshman year. Getting to cover the women’s basketball team’s 2018 upset over third-ranked Stanford and then getting to talk to the players in all of their jubilance after that win was a standout experience for me as a Bulletin writer.  

Now you may be thinking to yourself: hey guys, how are you going to cover sports when there are no games to be covered?

No need to fear. Even though there will be no diving saves on the volleyball court, last-minute strides to the finish line or sounds of soccer balls hitting the back of the net, the thing that makes these moments so special are the student athletes themselves.

With this in mind, expect there to be many stories about your fellow classmates and what they have done to get to the position they are in today. Whether they are from Spokane, Los Angeles, Nebraska, Canada, Italy, Guam, China or wherever else across the globe, the stories of these student athletes are what drive fans to have a special appreciation for them. With exceptional stories of personal perseverance and accomplishments, these student-athletes deserve to be recognized for all of the hard work they put in the offseason, as student athletes are what make college sports so special and unique to every university across the nation.

We will also be extensively covering future athletics related proceedings that are brought upon by this unique set of circumstances which our lives are now entrenched within. Whether that be the development of new formats for intramural sports, unique instances of club team fundraising to acclimate with these new times or changes in West Coast Conference scheduling, our obligation to our reader base is to provide insight and explanation to the most prevalent situations within the athletic sphere of GU. 

We  are  conscious  that  this  point of time is entirely unique and sometimes confusing, leading to moments of monumental change and renovation. As a source that can provide information and clarity within such circumstances, we want to ensure that when it comes to the GU athletic spectrum, our staff will be thriving to elucidate our readership with thorough and accurate news.

Staying in line with this sentiment, one of our goals going into this semester is to expand our incorporation of multimedia and social media faculties. We see both areas as being integral assets to helping our content become more accessible and informative for our viewer base. While live Division I athletics on campus this semester is still undetermined, we think that providing up to the minute updates on all sorts of Zag sporting events by use of these outlets can become an institution for this paper’s sports section which would allow all GU fans to acquire the information they’re looking for.

To say the least, this point in time is offering us with novel circumstances that are sure to beget some wild and crazy phenomenon for us to cover. But as GU sports enthusiasts, we are far from unacquainted with the wild and crazy aspects of life. It’s as if this semester is perpetually the last 30 seconds of a March Madness game, and we’re going to cover every unfolding aspect of it in its entirety with an exuberant level of care and comprehensiveness. 

Asher Ali and Vinnny Saglimbeni are sports editors. Follow them on Twitter: @asher_ali3 and @vinnysaglimbeni.

Sports Editor

Major: Journalism / International Relations Because the ability to tell other people's stories within such a passionate community like GU's is an opportunity unlike any other.

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