Basketball Ticket Distribution

Students line up outside of the McCarthy Athletic Center for tickets for last year's basketball game against BYU. This year's first distribution is Oct. 27.

Distribution for Gonzaga men’s basketball student tickets is a process that changes at an almost yearly tick, corresponding with student feedback and increased demand. 

New measures introduced last year were meant to reduce wait times and hassle, such as multiple-game distributions and more flexible rules in regards to holding a place in line. This year’s iteration has one adjustment meant to deal with demand for highly sought-after tickets to GU’s home game against University of North Carolina (UNC) on Dec. 18.

In an email released to the student body on Friday, GU Athletics outlined the process for students to get tickets to the Bulldogs’ first two games Nov. 1 and Nov. 5 against Lewis-Clark State College (LCSC) and Alabama State (ASU), as well as for the Zags’ matchup with UNC.

Distribution for games against LCSC and ASU takes place Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. in the McCarthey Athletic Center. Students are instructed to enter through the doors on the side of the building.

The email added that distribution for UNC tickets will take place immediately following the LCSC game. Those who attend and stay for the entire exhibition receive the first chance for tickets. This means that to get priority for those tickets, students must attend two distributions — one for LCSC/ASU and one following the LCSC game — and the LCSC game on Nov. 1. 

Lindsey Lessing, the marketing director for GU Athletics, said this choice was made so students can plan in advance for the UNC game.

“Normally for Christmas break games, students will come to the ticket office during the week of finals to activate for any game over the break,” Lessing said in an email. “With the high desire from students to attend the UNC game following finals, we felt the need to move the distribution date up to accommodate and make sure we are filling The Kennel with as many students as we can. Moving the distribution date up allows students to know ahead of finals week if they have a ticket, along with being able to make travel and housing plans in advance.”

Lessing said that while Kennel Club and GU Athletics work hand-in-hand for distribution, GU Athletics is responsible for the “logistics, operations and communication” of the UNC ticket distribution. Kennel Club Board members have used their roles to weigh in and provide feedback for distribution, but the process has been largely determined by the school.

“We facilitate the process, but we don’t create the process or make those decisions,” said Matt Cranston, Kennel Club president. “Those decisions are in the hands of GU Athletics.”

Those who do not attend the game will have the opportunity to wait at the student doors to activate their student IDs after those who stay for the game’s entirety. Given the high demand for the game, Lessing said it was difficult to gauge the turnout and whether students who do not attend the game could get tickets. 

An additional email will be sent out by GU Athletics this week with more details regarding Sunday's distribution.

“We do anticipate a large turnout for the first ticket distribution and ask students to be vigilant about checking their emails for continuing communication on ticket availability,” Lessing said.

Connor Gilbert is a staff writer. Follow him on Twitter: @connorjgilbert.

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